Ways To Express Gratitude Towards Employees

Everyone knows that showing staff appreciation is one of the top things any higher-up should do for a positive workplace. Sometimes showing employee gratitude may seem a bit repetitive and looking for new ways to do so can seem impossible. 

We are here to show you 7 different ways you can show your employees that you appreciate them. To see what ways we recommend keep reading below. 

1. Say Thanks Often

If your employees are working their butts off on a project or deadline make sure to thank them often. You should thank them for their contribution to the project and their hard work.

By thanking your employees often you will create a work atmosphere that is positive. It will also help to make your employee's day a bit brighter because you're going out of your way to praise them. This will lead to happier workers and more efficient work overall.

2. Give Personal Praise To Make Someone's Day

If your employee is going above and beyond, then you should let them know. After a job or at the end of the week pull the employee aside to let them know you appreciate their work, even calling out a few actions you admired.

When pointing out specific details that you liked it makes the praise seem more authentic than just saying it was a 'job well done.' You also highlight the actions that you would like to see the employee do more and even set as an example for other employees. 

3. Present Your Employee With a Personalized Gift

If your company is in the habit of giving service awards such as employees of the month, try getting rid of this tradition and replace it with more personalized gifts. The best way to know what your workers will like is to talk to them and learn about their interests. 

These gifts don't have to be large but they should be something that resonates with the person you're gifting to. These small acts of kindness will put a smile on your worker's day and also relay to them that you appreciate them and the work they do for your company.

If you're short on time try giving a greeting card. Giving a greeting card at any time of the day is perfect for showing appreciation and letting your workers know you're thinking of them. 

4. Give Your Workers the Option of Flexible Schedules

No one wants to be overworked. In fact, if your employees feel as if they are being overworked they won't do their best at work. This means projects will be lower quality and workplace culture may fall and feel negative.

One way to help employees manage their time so they don't feel overworked is to provide them with flexible schedules. Employees can set their individual start times and end times.

Some employees may want to come in before 9 so they can leave earlier to spend time with the kids and family. Others may want to come in later due to a hefty commute to work. These schedules let employees feel as if they are in control and helps them to manage their work time and free time efficiently. 

5. Treat Workers To a Free Meal Once In a While

Workers love when the boss shows their appreciation. What better way to show you appreciate your employees other than through the language of food?

You can have food catered for a lunch within the office. If a team is doing above and beyond you can take them out for lunch hour or out after work for drinks. 

Providing a meal and spending time with your employees shows that you appreciate them and the work they are doing for your business. It also helps you get closer to your employees and get to know them better. 

6. Provide the Opportunity For Advancement Within Your Company or In Regards to Learning

Employees usually want to see the option to grow within a company. This can be through promotions, additional training, or cross-training. You should make these options available to your employees and remind them they are set in place to help with career advancement. 

Usually, when employees feel noticed for their talent they also feel appreciated. You can show this by telling an employee they are talented and if they would like to further their education there are classes they can take.

Employees also like to represent their company because they feel as if it's a big honor. One way you can do this is to let your employees attend a conference on behalf of the company. 

7. Treat Your Employees Randomly To Show Staff Appreciation and Raise Morale

Little surprises can put a smile on anyone's face. That's why you should consider bringing in small treats for your employees randomly to show them that you appreciate their work and encourage the work they are already doing.

These small treats can be gift cards with low amounts. They can also be something like cupcakes that you sit in the breakroom for everyone to enjoy.

What Will Be the Next Way You Show Employee Gratitude?

We have given you a list of the top 7 ways to show staff appreciation in the workplace. From buying meals for your employees to telling them they are doing a good job, you should have some new ideas on how to raise employee gratitude within your workspace.

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