corporate cultureHere are some creative and low-cost ways to recognize your high-performers and encourage a positive and supportive organizational culture.

1) Just say thank you

Don’t knock the simple stuff. Your mama always taught you the magic of the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, right? Well, it turns out they work in the corporate world as well as around the childhood dining room table. The simple courtesy of an old-fashioned ‘thank you’ can go a long way towards making an employee feel appreciated

2)  Lunch with the boss: a listening ear and full attention

Another simple, old fashioned way to acknowledge and reward an achievement! It could be used as an incentive to kick-start a new safety program or exceed a current sales number. But be careful to power down the phone, keep the laptop in the bag, and give your undivided attention to your guest. 

3) Charity gala or event tickets

This one can serve a double purpose! By choosing a specific charity to support as an organization, you help to promote a company culture that includes community responsibility and civic awareness. You can use tickets as a group incentive and take the entire team to an event and get a TRIPLE bonus: employee recognition, reinforcement of company culture and values, and inter-office social hour!

4) A pocket full of appreciation

Here’s a fun, spontaneous idea to add to this list: make a habit of carrying small denomination ($5 or so) gift cards to hand out on the spot to emphasize small acts of “company culture/policy.” What a great way to brighten someone’s day and generally create an atmosphere of anticipation and positivity around the office.

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5) Family or pet participation options

How about regular occasions for employees to bring a family member or a beloved pet to the office? People really enjoy showing their loved ones what they do all day and hearing co-workers ‘ooo’ and ‘aah’ over their special people.

6) Regular peer-nominated awards

An employee of the month or week, and similar shout-outs, can be made a peer-nominated award. Let everyone vote by private ballot for “Most encouraging team member” or “most helpful.” Getting feedback from the people you work most closely with can be a real encouragement!

7) It’s ok to be a little silly

Even full-grown, professional adults appreciate a little silliness now and then… Although they should remain optional in case there are those who would feel uncomfortable participating; consider a themed costume day, or “relaxed” dress code occasions. Institute a traveling trophy that passes from employee to employee to mark a certain accomplishment or occasion (birthdays? Anniversaries? Sales numbers? etc…). Bring in an ice cream truck to surprise everyone on a hot summer afternoon. Tap into your inner child and let the fun times roll!

8) Public Social Media shout-outs

Harness the power of public congratulations! Inter-office social media programs, or even good old Facebook, are great platforms for intensifying a commendation by broadcasting it where family members and friends can hear/see.

For more suggestions, or to get some help implementing programs and platforms to make these kinds of things easy, contact our Certified Recognition Professionals today. We’ve got decades of experience at your disposal!New Call-to-action

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