The healthcare industry is full of exhausting nights, anxiety-ridden shifts, and devastating burnout. From nurses, doctors, and surgeons, to physicians, paramedics, and psychiatrists---those who dedicate their time to the betterment of our nation’s healthcare deserve to experience the fullness that gratitude provides. A simple giving of thanks improves patient care, combats the risk of burnout, and increases employee engagement.

The Rise of Burnout

Burnout is a prevalent and reoccurring problem in the healthcare industry. In 2022, 46% of health workers reported feeling burnt out often---a stark contrast to the 32% that reported similar feelings of burnout in 2018 (CDC). This burnout is born from long-term stress in a job-related field, and is associated with feelings of frustration, unfulfillment, and exhaustion. Burnout is detrimental to one’s mental, physical, and emotional health. In the Medscape Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2022: Stress, Anxiety, and Anger, 54% of physicians said that the impact of burnout was so strong and severe that it affected personal aspects of their lives outside of the workplace (PRNewswire). The effects of burnout take its toll on healthcare staff and negatively impact their patient care and employee engagement.

Burnout is a multi-faceted issue that impacts everyone. Healthcare professionals are not the only individuals who feel burnout’s negative effects. Patients themselves often experience these unwanted effects in the form of undesirable patient care.

Healthcare Staff Solutions

Burnout can seem like an unstoppable obstacle, but there are several ways to prevent its involvement in the lives of healthcare workers. These ways are accomplished through one important factor: gratitude.

A 2014 study revealed that writing down events of gratitude led to reduced effects of depression and perceived stress among healthcare practitioners (Psycent). This is one way healthcare staff can take direct action for themselves to evoke gratitude. Another action staff can take is to actively practice mindfulness using controlled, deep breaths and centering one’s mind on present moments rather than past events. Jennifer Janus, M.D., confirmed this method saying, “by focusing on the rewards of my job, my dissatisfaction decreases, and concern and compassion for my patients grows in the solace where frustration used to live” (Rendia). This positive mindset in healthcare can give staff a “burst of energy and renewed passion” (Rendia). This means that gratitude, no matter what form, makes an astounding difference in the lives of healthcare workers. If gratitude is so important to overcoming burnout, then this means that receiving and/or being mindful of gratitude truly does make a difference in the lives of healthcare workers.

Our Solution: Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool to thwart burnout, and there are many methods in which healthcare staff can directly counter burnout’s effects---but what can patients, family, and friends do? Can anything else be done to minimize staff anxiety, feelings of unfulfillment, or lack of patient care?

Patients, family, and friends can give thanks to their healthcare staff through gratitude. By showing your healthcare staff that you value their work, contribution, and their effort and time, you foster positivity that strengthens their community and causes their “spirits to soar” (MedStarHealth). This results in lively healthcare workers “who feel appreciated” and “more motivated to continue delivering the best care possible” (MedStarHealth). Eliminating burnout results in engaged employees ready to always give 100%.

Burnout is the main culprit for unengaged and underperforming employees. It results in flawed patient care and stagnant employee engagement. By solving burnout through the power of gratitude, we can effectively invigorate new life into healthcare staff everywhere.

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity." – Melody Beattie

Short Shoutouts

Our new product, Short Shoutouts, allows patients and their loved ones to immediately recognize healthcare staff for going above and beyond. Gratitude is a vital resource to the betterment of healthcare staff everywhere, so use Short Shoutouts as your opportunity to give thanks to the healthcare providers who deserve it. Learn more or schedule a demo at

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