The utilities industry plays a critical role in our everyday lives, providing essential services such as electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications. However, many of us take these services for granted and rarely think about the hardworking professionals behind the scenes who keep the systems running smoothly.

To raise awareness of the important work done by those in the utilities industry and to highlight the challenges they face, various awareness days have been established throughout the year. These days not only serve as a reminder of the vital role played by the industry but also provide an opportunity to educate the public about the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste, and adopting sustainable practices.

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*Dates are subject to change. 

2023 Utilities Awareness Days

  1. National Lineworker Appreciation Day (April 18th) - This day recognizes the hard work and sacrifice of lineworkers who maintain and repair electrical lines, often in dangerous conditions.

  2. National Dam Safety Awareness Day (May 31st) - This day raises awareness about the importance of maintaining and inspecting dams to ensure their safety and prevent catastrophic failures.

  3. National Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day (March 18th) - This day recognizes the essential work done by natural gas utility workers to provide clean and affordable energy to homes and businesses.

  4. National Energy Awareness Month (October) - This month-long observance encourages individuals and businesses to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

  5. Public Power Week (First full week in October) - This week recognizes the benefits of publicly-owned electric utilities, including reliable service and local control.

  6. World Water Day (March 22nd) - This day focuses on the importance of freshwater resources and the need for sustainable water management practices.

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