At C.A. Short Company, like most, we have been watching the world and national events surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Like you, we are making the very best decisions, day by day, for our people and for our customers.

Our Plan

We plan to continue to serve our employees and customers with a slightly modified business as usual approach, regardless of whether that effort is in our corporate offices or remote. As the virus continues and until it has exhausted itself, we will follow the daily guidelines from the CDC along with Federal, State and Local Government mandates. We will make adjustments to our plan as needed and will communicate those changes as they present themselves

Meetings and Travel

Our field teams and other satellite partners are observing a nonessential travel protocol. This also encompasses a suspension of nonessential face to face meetings. Our teams are fully available for phone calls, conference calls and Zoom Video conferencing. We are confident in our core communication technologies and with our ability to manage your accounts just as you’ve grown accustomed.

Your Team

Your key contacts and extended team members have been prepared and are standing by to assist with any needs or questions you may have surrounding your current business. If you are unsure of who to contact, please email and one of our Client Success Managers will personally manage your request.

Our Promise: "People Are Everything"

Please know our “People Are Everything” mantra has never meant more than what it does today. We are sincere in our approach and committed to ensuring we are creating a thriving, safe environment for every person that touches our organization. We will continue to stay vigilant in our efforts to flawlessly serve all of our “people”.

Again, we here at C.A. Short Company are committed to delivering on our commitments and serving “all” flawlessly. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you!


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