When it comes to the battle of the sexes, it looks like women are winning – especially in regards to workplace engagement. A new study finds that females, on average, are far more engaged at their jobs than their male counterparts. Further, teams who report to female managers are also noticeably more engaged than those who work for males.

The Study

Gallup, a leader in workplace polling and data collection, recently revealed a brand new study on engagement. According to their survey, women are significantly more engaged than their male co-workers. Here’s a look at the overall numbers:

  • 68% of employees are disengaged
  • 29% of male employees are engaged
  • 35% of female employees are engaged
  • 35% of male managers are engaged
  • 41 % of female employees are engaged

Not only are female managers more engaged at work, so are their teams. Employees who work for a female manager are 1.3 times more likely than those who work for a male manager to “strongly agree” that someone at work encourages their development. Further, those who work for a female manager are also 1.3 times more likely than those who work for a male manager to report that someone at work has talked about their progress in the last six months.

Overall, the report suggests that “female managers eclipse their male counterparts at setting basic expectations for their employees, building relationships with their employees, encouraging a positive team environment and providing employees with opportunities to develop their career.”


The report concludes that gender diversity must be a priority of any organization that hopes to thrive. While we certainly agree that diversity is key to the success of any company, there is also another major element at play -- why are so many workers disengaged in the first place?

The answer is a simple one – because the company lacks a meaningful Culture of Engagement. While identifying the problem is easy enough, correcting it can be difficult if you don’t have the right partner. Don’t panic, C.A. Short Company is here to help!

We offer a number of resources to assist with engaging your team, including our complimentary wall chart, The 7 New Rules for Employee Engagement, which you can download below. If you would like further assistance in creating a meaningful Culture of Engagement at your company, contact us today.

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C.A. Short Company partners with companies to manage, drive and facilitate increased employee engagement to increase financial performance, productivity, quality, and core performance outcomes. Our process and research-based platform enables executives and managers to engage their teams to increase the bottom line, motivate staff, and incentivize positive behavior. To request a Complimentary Consultation, please click here. 


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