The Importance of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is a deeply rooted, emotional connection with an organization and its values, which creates and influences a positive corporate culture that fosters prosperity. An engaged employee is motivated to see the company reach its goals and has a sense of ownership regarding the wins and losses that are felt along the way. 

By identifying the engagement levels of your entire organization, you can then begin to measure the impact that a positive influence, through an engagement solution or recognition program, could have on your bottom line. That impact, on average, is quite substantial.

Take, for example, the following stats that come from Gallup’s annual State of the American Workplace report. When compared with organizations that had low levels of employee engagement, those companies in the top quartile experienced:

  • 41% Lower Absenteeism
  • 24% Lower Turnover (In High-Turnover Organizations)
  • 59% Lower Turnover (In Low-Turnover Organizations)
  • 28% Less Shrinkage
  • 70% Fewer Employee Safety Incidents
  • 58% Fewer Patient Safety Incidents
  • 40% Fewer Defects
  • 10% Higher Customer Metrics
  • 17% Higher Productivity
  • 20% Higher Sales
  • 21% Higher Profitability
  • The list goes on… 

The positive impact employee engagement can have at your business is staggering. How is this the case? In short, an engaged employee does not dread Monday, and they certainly don’t spend each week counting down to Friday. Instead, this employee walks into work each day ready to contribute their talents for the greater good of the organization. When this happens, the results are truly amazing!

Are you ready to learn more about what employee engagement can do for you?

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