Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s become an integral part of society-- including the modern workplace. And while there are plenty of negatives we could complain about, there are also advantages that can contribute to the overall growth of a healthy, supportive social structure within your workforce. If the thought of memes, inspirational quotes, and cute cats cluttering up the communication channels of your office make you break out in a cold sweat, just take a step back and give the concept a quick second look.

Humans are by nature social animals. We are generally the most efficient and effective when working together in a cohesive group. Although it can occasionally be a challenge to establish healthy social dynamics in a workplace where competition between team members is a part of the mix, it’s possible to use the tools of modern social media-type programs to build an underlying structure of cooperation and collaboration. There are a myriad of apps, programs, and platforms that provide an intra-organizational social network that can be controlled and monitored by management-- giving you an added bonus of being able to “take the temperature” of your workforce. However, not all these programs are created equal. So what kind of benefits should you expect to see from an application of an effective social engagement platform? Let’s take a look at just a few:

Shrinking physical and social divides: in a large organization, particularly one that spans continents, keeping a sense of “team spirit” alive can be challenging. A social network platform can help to shrink physical distances by providing virtual closeness and casual interactions.

Fostering a sense of camaraderie: All work and no play-- that’s a problem! Personal conversations, fun banter, and even funny cat videos can bring people together in ways that will enhance their ability to work together effectively.

Casual/social communication positively impacting work-related communication: Communication is always extremely important, and practicing good communication in a social network setting will enhance efforts at good communication in a work setting.

Positive and consistent reinforcement of company values and goals: A monitored social media program with carefully enforced guidelines, and with manager participation, can provide a platform for reinforcing company values and goals-- especially those relating to workforce culture.

A way to establish and grow a company culture: An effective, and well-curated intra-office social media platform can be a huge boon to human resource managers looking for ways to intentionally nurture and grow a healthy company culture.

And that really is the bottom line-- company culture is often the “make or break” feature that determines an organization’s ability to recruit and talent. Company culture ranks even higher than pay in many job-satisfaction surveys and studies. If your organization’s culture needs some support, reach out to one of the Certified Recognition Professionals at CA Short. We can review any current social engagement platforms or strategies you have in place, and make suggestions for how to improve their effectiveness. We have years of experience in leveraging social engagement for optimal organizational success.

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