Culture of AppreciationAre you looking for ways to improve your employee recognition practices? Are you wondering if there are ways to develop an effective and meaningful recognition culture without a massive budget? Trinkets, gift cards, and bonuses are nice, and certainly a first step on the road to a vibrant recognition program, but those things stop short of creating a truly pervasive company culture of recognition and engagement. So let’s take a look at a few low and no-cost ways to step up your game:

How To Improve Employee Recognition

Don’t be afraid to get personal. We’re not advocating anything uncomfortable or inappropriate here, but a genuine connection with your employees is vital to providing meaningful recognition for their efforts. Learn people’s names, be interested in their success and concerned with their struggles. This daily investment will make a difference in how even the smallest physical gift is perceived.

Utilize the intrinsic value of time. It could be a gift of your time, to hear a presentation or proposal from a new hire, full of inspiration and drive, or a relaxed coffee break to hear the latest family news from an employee with decades of experience. Or some extra time for the employee being recognized in the form of time off from work to celebrate a birthday, or a “work-from-home-day” coupon to cash in when a child is sick.

Notice the less obvious. Even in an efficient system, people can fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, those people often tend to be the steady workhorses of the organization. The people who aren’t flashy, noisy, or demanding. Find ways to pull these people forward and make them feel seen and valued, and you will see a huge return on your investment.

Be specific and constructive. As you develop your recognition program, be intentional about the kinds of things you recognize. It’s ok to be fun at times, but recognition awards are an opportunity to reinforce company values and goals, so a detailed description of the accomplishment, or attitude being recognized can remind everyone what those values and goals are.

Just say thank you. Never underestimate the power of looking someone in the eye and saying “Thank you”. Sometimes all it takes to turn someone’s day around is the sense that the people in charge actually do realize that things just wouldn’t run smoothly without their contribution.

Look for spontaneous opportunities. While organization is the key to actualizing good intentions, don’t just depend on the programs and schedules you have in place. If you want to create a culture that trickles down throughout the entire workforce, the leadership of your organization needs to be committed to a daily attitude of looking for moments to encourage, congratulate, or thank the people working for them.

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At C.A. Short Company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our approach to engagement, recognition, and corporate culture. If you’re curious to see what we’re working on, or how our innovative ideas can improve your workplace environment, call or chat with one of our Certified Recognition Professionals today. We are always ready to talk about our passion for people!

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