The Need for Employee Recognition Programs

For many years, Human Resource Professionals have been implementing employee recognition programs as an added benefit for employees. The most common employee recognition program has always been the Years of Service Award. However, in today’s work environment, if you are waiting five years to recognize a new hire, there is a high probability that person won’t be working for you when that five-year anniversary comes around. In order to retain talent and increase employee engagement, more and more organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to recognize, reward and retain their employees.

An Easy Solution to Employee Recognition


Holiday gifts, safety incentives, peer-to-peer recognition, and birthday eCards are great ways to incorporate short-term and day-to-day recognition into your corporate culture. However, as these new recognition programs are implemented, a new problem may arise. How does an already resource-strapped HR Department find the time to manage four or five independent employee recognition programs?

Easy. Consolidate your employee recognition programs into a single recognition platform. Points-based recognition programs tend to be the most popular way to easily incorporate service awards, safety, peer-to-peer, or any recognition need into one, easy to manage program! 

Isn't That Easy?

C.A. Short Company uses a single platform, making it easy to administer and track points. On the administrative section of the online platform, an organization can automate points distribution for programs in which a milestone is met, such as service awards or birthdays. The platform also allows easy management and tracking through a full set of reporting tools. Points-issued reports show how many service award points, birthday points, and safety incentive points were awarded. This type of information is particularly important because many times the different recognition programs draw funding from different departmental budgets.

By taking advantage of the administrative tools that recognition POINTS programs provide, HR leaders can now easily manage multiple recognition program without the hassle of maintaining time consuming spreadsheets and reports allowing less time administering and more time recognizing!

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