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Today, 68.5% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged, and Gallup research confirms that disengaged workers cost companies between $450-$550 Billion annually in lost productivity.

Your Opportunity

As an independent representative of C.A. Short Company we’ll provide you with the tools and resources to be successful. We have the ability to help your clients create a culture where their employees want to come to work and where they feel emotionally connected to the mission and vision of the organization. Our mission is to make your business successful.

Our Solutions

C.A. Short Company helps organizations identify behaviors they would like to modify or enhance, benchmark themselves, and then put a plan in place to create an engaged culture. We guide clients to strategize and implement structured engagement plans using our state of the art engagement platform and measure their successes along the way.

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So many Benefits to Partnering with

C.A. Short Company

  • Training and Foundational Education needed to help Executives and Directors of mid-size to large companies engage their teams
  • Resources for Consulting and Collaborating with your prospects
  • Private-label materials to help you educate and inform your prospects, including;
    • Best Practice Research
    • White Papers
    • eBooks
    • Industry Vertical Profiles
    • ROI Calculators, and more
  • Competitive compensation and recurring revenue
  • Autonomy and Flexibility to partner with thought leaders and industry experts 

What do other Partners say?

"The C.A. Short Company Partner Program has enabled me to grow my business quickly and with long-term gain. They provided me with everything I needed to get up and going in short order, and have supported me all along the way."