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Jim Drakakis

Jim Drakakis has over 20 years experience helping Human Resources professionals improve business performance and employee productivity. His extensive background includes helping organizations improve payroll processing, maximize HRIS efficiencies and improve employee retention. He is a certified recognition professional and a participating member of The Society of Human Resources Management, WorldatWork, and Recognition Professionals International.

Speech Topics:

  • What Motivates Me Workshop for Managers
  • A Manager’s Role in Employee Engagement
  • Recognize for Engagement
  • The Need For Engaged Teams

Booking Availability:
Jim is available to travel on behalf of C.A. Short Company as his work and speaking schedule allows.

Previous Speaking Experience:
Drakakis has presented many captivating educational seminars, symposiums and workshops throughout The United States and Canada. He has worked with many of America’s most admired companies including Sara Lee, Proctor & Gamble and Tyco International.




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