Much like different cultures around the world, your healthcare facility has a culture all of its own. Whether your healthcare facility’s company culture was a strategic undertaking or solely based on just maintaining the status quo, your workforce performs based on the established cultural norms that are in place. Changing or implementing new cultural norms of any organization is an arduous task, but not impossible. Communication, upper-management buy-in, and a commitment to change are all necessary when implementing any type of revolution within your facility.

In order to gain a high level of engagement from your employees, creating a culture that includes recognition and appreciation are a must. However, in doing so, you must also understand that your employees are as unique and different as your organizational culture. You must understand that not all employees like to be recognized in the same fashion.

Some may like big public displays of appreciation while others prefer a more private or intimate setting to be recognized. Some employees may want handwritten praise while others need to be told that they did a great job. No matter how your employees prefer to be shown appreciation, the universal truth is that it must be done to accomplish employee engagement.

I know what you’re probably thinking; “My organization has over 10,000 employees, how am I supposed to meet the recognition needs of each of them individually?” Well, I am here to tell you that it’s a challenge, and one that a single person simply cannot accomplish. However, by providing the proper training and resources to your management staff, they will be able to identify the intrinsic needs of their own teams. As a program administrator, it is your job to provide the means to incorporate that formal, informal, and day-to-day employee recognition into your culture.

Three Ways to get Started 

If you're starting from ground zero, creating and formulating a culture of recognition may seem to be an arduous task to undertake. However, by taking manageable bites out of the recognition apple, it can be done. Start by engaging in these 3 steps of recognition that will resonate most closely with your employees:

  • Gain Management Buy-In:  Without their support any new initiative will fail. First and foremost, get your top executive’s support. Communicate your goals, strategies, and benchmarks.
  • Incorporate Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Give your employee’s the power and ability to recognize each other within your facility. Peer-to-Peer recognition will effectively increase their level of engagement and willingness to participate in the program.
  • Encourage Feedback:  Give your employee’s an open forum to share ideas regarding recognition. Anonymous suggestion boxes, toolbox meetings, or surveys are three solid avenues to solicit feedback. Make your employees feel comfortable in contributing to the culture of the company.

Recognition should be a constant and regular occasion, not just once a year at an annual service ceremony. A simple thank you goes a long way and is not soon forgotten. Providing affirming and appreciative words will make your employees feel valued, leading to a more productive employee that strives to contribute to the overall organizational goals. 

Tips to Engage Healthcare Team

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