Administrative Professionals Day is April 27, 2022 and is always observed on the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week. 

Administrative Professionals including secretaries, receptionists, and support personnel, play a key role in helping organizations run efficiently and effectively. By handling the critical, day-to-day tasks, administrative professionals make it possible for management to concentrate on other vital responsibilities to ensure business operations run smoothly and cohesively. In honor of their contributions, have you thought about how you will recognize your employee's efforts?

The History of Administrative Professionals Day

Celebrating administrative professionals was launched in 1952 as National Secretaries Day. Throughout the years, the day was eventually rebranded to encompass the growing responsibilities and importance of this position within an organization. 

Ideas to Celebrate Administrative Professionals 

  1. Gratitude posts via social media, intranet, or email
  2. Write a personalized note or send an eCard through your employee recognition platform 
  3. Offer On-The-Spot recognition using Instant Award Cards or gift cards 
  4. Give a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a hand-written note
  5. Provide a catered lunch and publicly recognize your support team
  6. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for your team

Expressing appreciation for your Administrative Professionals, as well as your entire workforce, not only rewards employees for a job well done, but also aids in engaging your employees to serve your organization’s best interest. It does not have to take a lot of money or time to show true appreciation to your team. Sometimes all it takes a simple "Thank You" to remind your team that their work is vital to the success of the organization.

Find Moments for Employee Recognition, Every Day 

If your organization is looking for a fluid and ongoing way to recognize and engage your employees, we’d like to offer you a complimentary consultant to see how C.A. Short Company can serve you!

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