This post is the 4th in a series of eight blog posts about engaging employees in the healthcare industry.

The Importance of Recognizing Your Healthcare Employees

Engaging employees in the healthcare industry can prove to be a difficult task - hours are long and fast-paced; schedules are fluid and dynamic. It is not uncommon for employees to change jobs every few months for a few dollars more an hour, and endure much longer drive times to get to their workplace.


How do you stop the cycle? Start with your patients. When patients leave your facility, ask engaging questions, like: "How was your visit?", and "How did our staff treat you during your visit?" Further, formally note and record your patient's candid responses and feedback. Combining honest feedback while putting company-specific and measurable patient satisfaction goals into place will prove to be a valuable starting point for an employee recognition program. A great example of this methodology is healthcare facilities with a family-type environment, who traditionally enjoy high employee retention due to employee recognition of hard work and a job well done.

So, once you start compiling feedback, how can you recognize your healthcare employees? Start with these eight tips to provide your healthcare employees valuable, day-to-day recognition:

How to Reward Your Employees with Day-to-Day Recognition

  • eCard – Send an eCard to your employees and commend them on a great job! Examples of ways to recognize your employees, include: performance on a report, taking on extra tasks, covering shifts, exemplary patient care, and going above and beyond responsibilities. 
  • Instant Award Card – Give an employee or co-worker an Instant Award Card as a thank you for such things as cross training, engaging in training classes, or furthering their education. 
  • Public Celebration – Recognize employees in front of co-workers for their contributions to your facility. Doing so reminds your team of the integral importance of each team member and employee to your healthcare facility as a whole.
  • Bring in Breakfast or a Special Treat – Healthcare workers are always helping other; it is nice to do something nice for them every once in a while, too! Show up unexpectedly to all shifts with a meal or a special treat, at least once a month, to show how much you appreciate their hard work. Further, write a note and place it in the employee common area or break room about your employees achievement.
  • Facility Changes and Upgrades – Seek the best options and accommodations for your staff. Consider implementing upgrades and changes that will benefit their work experiences and downtime on the job.
  • Family Sporting Event – Hold a sporting event open to employees and family members. Not only does this opportunity open the door for family bonding, it provides a way for team building, too!
  • Team Lead Feature – Choose a team lead of the week and post that employees picture publicly on your company’s intranet to let staff members know what a valuable asset they are.

People typically choose a career in healthcare because they want to help people. You have a chance to recognize your company heroes each day. An article by Jennifer Nelson in AMN Healthcare says, People do not commit 40 or 50 or 60 hours a week out of their lives to just show up at work. They want to make a difference in their work and to be appreciated for doing so.” And Barroll added, “People just want to be cared about.”

How do you enjoy recognizing your healthcare employees?
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