The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the workforce and our focus on what matters most. We want to celebrate all the big and little things that matter the most because as humans, we have and will always need it.
One way to continue this celebration is to show your family, friends, and employees your appreciation on Random Acts of Kindness Day. This day is celebrated every year on February 17.

The Benefits of Kindness in the Workplace

It may seem like a no-brainer, but kindness plays a large role in the workplace. In order to survive, and more importantly thrive, you should embrace kindness. Here's why:

5 Reasons to Embrace Kindness at Work

  1. A Kind Work Environment Retains and Attracts Employees
    Positive employees build teams and cultures where people actually want to work. Compassion is an essential component of a productive work environment.
    Having a kind work environment and culture is vital to sustaining job satisfaction and work-related motivation.
    And if your workplace is kind, more people will want to work for you and your turnover will be reduced. 
  2. Kindness Correlates With Happiness
    Small gestures, like celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, and promotions, make employees feel happier and more connected to the workplace. It's important to note that showing support during a time of loss is also important.
    Giving your employees a sympathy card or a mental health day can go a long way.
  3. Kindness Is Better for Business
    Kindness makes people happier and a positive mindset increases performance on nearly every level -- productivity, creativity, and engagement.
    Your employees are more motivated when there is a caring and engaged culture.
  4. Kindness Fosters Employee and Customer Relationships
    Kindness creates an emotional connection between two people. This creates new relationships or strengthens existing ones.
    Emotion" found that people on the receiving end of acts of kindness from others reported a sense of camaraderie, a feeling of being in control, and significantly higher levels of happiness. 
    Having a relationship with even just one person at work, makes work more enjoyable.
  5. Kindness Has a Ripple Effect
    Kindness can have a long-lasting impact in the workplace and the world. When we act kindly toward someone, they are more likely to be kinder towards others.
Now that you know why kindness matters in the workplace, let's explore ways to celebrate and show appreciation on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

10 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

  1. Treat an employee to lunch, especially if their work day is full of meetings. To be safe during COVID, you can use Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash or Postmates
  2. Send a positive eCard, email, or text to five co-workers.
  3. Surprise your co-workers with freshly baked cookies. You can use an online service such as The Finer Cookie to ship them right to their doorstep or office. 
  4. Offer to help a co-worker with a task or project.
  5. Know an employee who goes above-and-beyond? Tell their manager.
  6. Send an email to a co-worker who deserves more recognition.
  7. Write a positive comment on your employee engagement platform's Rec Room.
  8. Get to know a co-worker. Working remote? Take an afternoon walk and video chat with him or her. 
  9. Find opportunities to give positive feedback and compliments throughout the day.
  10. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a co-worker.

Random Acts of Kindness Day Is A Catalyst for Employee Recognition

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day is just the beginning of showing your employees you appreciate their efforts, and the benefits that go along with it.
Employee recognition acknowledges and rewards your employees effort, accomplishments and contributions when they reflect your company's values, missions, or goals.
Recognition can take many forms, but the most effective recognition occurs when a company adopts an all-in approach. At C.A. Short company, we refer to this comprehensive recognition strategy as Total Recognition.
Total Recognition links the three levels of employee recognition and engagement into one simple program.
If you'd like to learn more ways to show kindness and appreciation in the workplace or how to create a total recognition program, download our complimentary checklist, Creating a Total Recognition Program.
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