Define: Employee Recognition Program (what is it and why should I care?)

Employee Recognition AwardsIn short, Employee Recognition Programs are tools to help implement good intentions. We’ve all heard the old chestnut that “failing to plan is planning to fail”, right? The same holds true in this case. An organized and detailed Recognition plan, based on the values and goals of your organization is your best plan to attract and retain the right people for your team. It will help turn your desire to create an atmosphere of appreciation and open acknowledgement of your people’s value to the company into a daily reality.

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Over the years it’s been shown through a myriad of studies and polls, as well as through anecdotal evidence, that the workplace environment has a huge effect on an employee’s loyalty to their organization. In particular, whether an employee feels valued and appreciated by management and his or her peers is almost as important as salary when an employee considers staying at a current job, versus looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Perception of the environment within an organization is also a huge factor in attracting new talent. In today’s highly competitive labor market, your prospects need to get a sense for your company culture quickly and obviously. Salary is only one tool-- and a limited one, at that-- for attracting the people you need. Communicating to a recruit that yours is an organization that does well by its people is another powerful way to stand above the competition.

While the need to establish a positive culture of growth and support is universally accepted; actually making it happen on a daily basis-- successfully creating an organizational culture of recognition, encouragement, and appreciation-- well, that’s another story. Here is where the implementation of an Employee Recognition Program can save the day.

An Employee Recognition Program will help you define values and goals for your team, communicate them clearly, and then track each individual’s progress in implementing those values and reaching those goals. This consistent reinforcement and reward for behaviors and daily successes have a far-reaching effect on both the working environment, and the bottom line via productivity, efficiency, and safety. An Employee Recognition Program may include a software platform to support your efforts that can increase communication and social connection within your workforce. It may help you implement a points system for employee rewards, and will help you keep track of years of service, goal attainment and other important information/metrics.

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With the implementation of an organized employee recognition program, and the support of a software platform to back it up, human resource managers at your organization can realize the theoretical benefits of an engaged and invested workforce, and a competitive edge in the labor market.

At CA Short, we believe that People Are Everything, and that lasting success depends first on an engaged and motivated workforce. We’ve dedicated nearly a century to the study of HR trends and the support of HR managers. If you’re thinking of implementing an Employee Recognition Program, send us an email or text today. One of our Certified Recognition Professionals would love to chat with you about your needs and plans!

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