You think you know the trucking industry like the back of your hand? Prove it. Test your knowledge about turnover rates, employee engagement, and much more with our ten-question quiz.

Sharpen those pencils, and let’s get started!

The Quiz 

  1. What percentage of freight tonnage in the United States goes on trucks?
    1. 55%
    2. 85%
    3. 33%
    4. 70%
  1. In 2014, the turnover rate at large truckload carriers rose to annualized rate of what percentage?
    1. 65%
    2. 73%
    3. 94%
    4. 97% 
  1. The average non-fatal trucking accident in the United States costs around:
    1. $55,000
    2. $95,000
    3. $150,000
    4. $180,000 
  1. In 2015, how many Americans lost their lives in accidents involving large trucks:
    1. Around 1,500 people
    2. Around 2,000 people
    3. Around 3,000 people
    4. Around 4,000 people
  1. Accidents involving fatalities cost trucking companies an average of:
    1. 8 Million Dollars
    2. 4 Million Dollars
    3. 2 Million Dollars
    4. 1 Million Dollars 
  1. Which of these factors ranks in the Top 3 Reasons Truck Drivers leave their company:
    1. Routes
    2. Loads
    3. Equipment
    4. Work Environment
  1. In 2016, how much revenue did the Trucking Industry generate:
    1. Nearly $300 Billion
    2. Nearly $500 Billion
    3. Nearly $800 Billion
    4. Nearly $985 Billion 
  1. How many Americans are employed in trucking-related jobs:
    1. Over 2 million
    2. Over 4 million
    3. Over 6 million
    4. Over 7 million 
  1. On average, companies with highly engaged workers experience how many fewer safety incidents than companies with low levels of engagement:
    1. 70% fewer safety incidents
    2. 55% fewer safety incidents
    3. 83% fewer safety incidents
    4. 46% fewer safety incidents
  1. On average, companies with highly engaged workers experience how much less turnover than companies with low levels of engagement:
    1. 36% lower turnover
    2. 59% lower turnover
    3. 36% lower turnover
    4. 25% lower turnover 

The Answers

Question #1: Answer D. 70% of the freight tonnage in the United States goes on trucks. 

Question #2: Answer D. The trucking industry has always experienced a high turnover rate, but in 2014 large truckload carriers hit a record 97% turnover.

Question #3: Answer C. On average, a non-fatal trucking accident costs around $150,000. 

Question #4: Answer D. In 2015, nearly 4,000 people lost their lives due to trucking-related accidents.

Question #5: Answer A. The costs of fatal accidents are significantly higher than accidents that don’t involve fatalities – costing, on average, $8,000,000. 

Question #6: Answer D. Management/Work Environment is among one of the Top 3 reasons truck drivers leave their company. The other two are compensation/mileages and schedule/time off. 

Question #7: Answer C. The trucking industry generated nearly $800 million in 2016. 

Question #8: Answer D. Over 7 million Americans are employed in trucking-related jobs.  

Question #9: Answer A. Highly engaged companies experience 70% fewer safety incidents than companies with very low levels of engagement.

Question #10: Answer B. Highly engaged companies experience 59% lower turnover than those companies with very low levels of engagement.

Pencils Down

Well, how did you do? Chances are you missed at least a few questions, and that’s okay – no one’s perfect! But, the most important take away from this quiz should be the impact employee engagement has within the trucking industry. From reducing turnover rates by nearly 60% to creating a 70% safer work environment, engagement and recognition helps keep workers safe and profits strong. 

If you’d like to learn more about the power of engagement and recognition in the trucking industry, please reach out. C.A. Short Company has nearly a century of experience working with companies to create safer, more prosperous organizations, and we’d love to do the same for you!

If you would like to create the safest possible work environment for your drivers, while increasing productivity and profits along the way, then let’s chat. C.A. Short Company has spent the last 80 years in the employment engagement and recognition industry, and we’d love to show you what we can do for your company!

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