Over the past several weeks, we’ve talked a lot about employee engagement in the transportation sector. Did you catch it all? You can find out by taking our 10-question quiz below.


  1. How much do flight delays cost the airline industry annually?
    1. More than $500 million
    2. More than $1 billion
    3. More than $4 billion
    4. More than $8 billion
  2. At the end of 2014, turnover rates for truckers rose to what level?
    1. 97%
    2. 85%
    3. 56%
    4. 33%
  3. The average fatal trucking accident in the United States costs around:
    1. $1,000,000
    2. $5,000,000
    3. $7,000,000
    4. $10,000,000
  4. In 2015, how many Americans lost their lives in accidents involving large trucks:
    1. Around 1,500 people
    2. Around 2,000 people
    3. Around 3,000 people
    4. Around 4,000 people
  5. What percent of commuter carrier incidents were a direct result of human error or workplace distraction?
    1. 75%
    2. 55%
    3. 95%
    4. 25%
  6. Which of these factors rank in the Top 3 Reasons Truck Drivers leave their company:
    1. Routes
    2. Loads
    3. Equipment
    4. Work Environment
  7. What percent of wrecks caused by driver distraction can be prevented if an employee is engaged and focused :
    1. 60%
    2. 55%
    3. 70%
    4. 35%
  8. How much does idling cost the transportation industry each year:
    1. More than $4 million
    2. More than $8 million
    3. More than $10 million
    4. More than $14 million
  9. On average, companies with highly engaged workers experience how many fewer safety incidents:
    1. 70% fewer safety incidents
    2. 55% fewer safety incidents
    3. 83% fewer safety incidents
    4. 46% fewer safety incidents
  10. Employee engagement can reduce turnover rates in the transportation industry by around:
    1. 8% 
    2. 25% 
    3. 13% 
    4. 6% 


Question #1: Answer D. Flight delays cost U.S. airlines over $8 billion annually.  

Question #2: Answer A. The trucking industry has always experienced a high turnover rate, but in 2014 large truckload carriers hit a record 97% turnover.

Question #3: Answer C. On average, a fatal trucking accident costs around $7,000,000.

Question #4: Answer D. In 2015, nearly 4,000 people lost their lives due to trucking-related accidents.

Question #5: Answer A. 75% of all commuter carrier incidents could have been prevented.

Question #6: Answer D. Management/Work Environment is among one of the Top 3 reasons truck drivers leave their company. The other two are compensation/mileages and schedule/time off.

Question #7: Answer C. 70% of driving distractions can be prevented when a driver is engaged and focused on the task at hand.  

Question #8: Answer D. More than $14 billion is wasted each year due to employee idling.    

Question #9: Answer A. Highly engaged companies experience 70% fewer safety incidents than companies with very low levels of engagement. 

Question #10: Answer B. Highly engaged companies experience 25% lower turnover than those companies with very low levels of engagement.

How Did You Do?

Did you get a perfect score? Chances are you may have missed a few questions, and that’s okay — C.A. Short Company has you covered. Check out our complimentary WebCast, “Going the Distance: How Employee Engagement Is Transforming the Transportation Industry. 

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