People Centric Manager

We talk a lot here about employee recognition and engagement, but let’s be frank; a majority of responsibility for workplace environments, and by extension, the success of your workforce, falls on the shoulders of your managers. A study done under the direction of the National Institutes of Health puts it quite succinctly:

...It is often times believed that cultures are predetermined; however, this is a false assumption. It is crucial that managers at all levels are aware of their roles and responsibilities in upholding positive workplace environments that can increase employee satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is the major cause of turnover and can have detrimental cost and environmental effects on the agency.

It’s said that people leave managers, not companies. But on the other hand, employees who have a good relationship with their managers, and feel valued, supported, and fulfilled will often stay at a job in spite of higher pay opportunities elsewhere.

The trickle-down effect of engaged and motivated managers allows top company leaders to maximize their efforts and have the greatest effect on the whole organization. Without engaged and motivated managers, you will find it difficult to create an environment where the larger workforce is recognized, motivated and engaged.

So what are you looking for in a manager? What traits spell success? The internet is full of lists of things to look for, but here is just a small sampling that relate specifically to a manager’s ability to help build and support a successful Company Culture:

  • Treating employees equally regardless of paycheck size
  • Expressing (and actually having) interest in the whole person
  • Honest and open communication--which includes listening skills
  • Delivering effective constructive feedback
  • Freely and comfortably offering encouraging 360
  • Commitment to building trust relationship
  • A sincere desire to see the people under them succeed and grow

Request a Complimentary Consultation from C.A. Short CompanyBut how can you know if your managers are being effective? How can you quantify their actual impact on the culture of your organization? A program that allows you to track the effectiveness of your managers can be a vital resource.

A program that encourages and Equips THEM to effectively lead and affirm their people, is also a vital resource. A way for them to take their own goals and values and show in real time, with real numbers, the growth of a successful culture throughout the organization.

Recognizing that it’s easier said than done is half the battle. The other half is ensuring you have the essential tools and C Level support. Consistency in approach from the top down is critical, Having a Platform for Success is imperative.

Are you convinced yet that equipping and measuring your managers is worth the investment of time and resources? If so, you can get in touch with a Certified Recognition Professional at C.A. Short Company to discuss options and strategies. With decades of experience and successful management programs all over the country, we’re confident that we can address your needs, too.

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