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Through the years, we have discovered that clients offer logo promotional items to their employees, because they want their brand visible. It is a form of recognition, but it is also a means of celebrating pride in the company for which you work.

Upon recognizing the need to build brand loyalty while keeping brand integrity intact, we developed our Corporate Marketplace solution. We also found that in the three forms of recognition (formal, informal, day to day), there was a need for more options in the informal category.

Clients want a trusted source of branded merchandise for informal recognition.

After all, your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors.  

LogoCupBring your branding into your recognition program. Simplify your process and distribution by utilizing our PeopleAreEverything Platform.

This is not a one-stop shop or one size fits all, it is customizable to the client’s individual needs.

We have partnered with our vendors to reduce the minimum orders quantities which reduces the inventory liability. Clothing can be printed one piece at a time. In fact, we have no inventory liability on clothing. We have a core assortment of items to choose from, and we have the availability to source anything in the marketplace today. Ask what you need and we can find it!


  1. Integrated into your People Are Everything employee engagement platform or through a safe and secure, stand alone e-commerce site
  2. We upload all of your logos to your site so that any logo can be previewed on the merchandise before order is placed.
  3. Payment options include: credit card, direct invoicing, or points depending on your current program. 

Our Corporate Marketplace is specifically designed to help your company acheive the five elements of recognition, as outlined below: 

  1. Human Interaction: Management physically presents the award to the employee either as part of a formal banquet or a special event.
  1. Peer Recognition: A presentation option that includes either a certificate or plaque that can be displayed.
  1. Useful & Desirable Awards: Provide diverse award choice that makes the employee say “WOW!”
  1. Family Involvement: The event, the award, and the recognition experience is able to be shared at home.
  1. Immediate Gratification: Award is delivered in a timely manner, as soon as possible after the recognition event takes place.


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