This blog post is the 7th in a series of posts about creating high-performance teams.

We're in the final stretch of exploration as we dive into the 7 NEW Rules of Employee Engagement. Last week, we covered the benefits of employee well-being, and today, we address how creating a company culture of enthusiasm can improve job satisfaction, company morale, and revenue.

Inspire enthusiastic performances from your employees. Reward employees who show commitment to the future of your organization and are dedicated to making it a success.

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Enthusiasm, Morale, and Productivity

Stable, successful companies have one thing in common: the morale of their workers is much higher than most companies. According to Zenit, companies with enthusiastic employees are 30% to 40% more productive. The question then becomes:

How do employees become enthusiastic?

How Do We Get Enthusiastic Employees?

The answer is that you don’t just get enthusiastic employees; you create enthusiastic employees. This process begins as early as the onboarding of a new employee. When employees enter a new workplace, they inherently have a high level of enthusiasm because it is new, optimistic, and fresh. Many companies provide onboarding process support that helps to maintain and nurture a high level of enthusiasm. Does your company?

It is the responsibility of management to identify and remove obstacles that hinder, prohibit, or prevent enthusiasm. Often those obstacles include coworkers. Management has to be prepared to have critical conversations and make unpopular decisions regarding employees that reduce workforce enthusiasm.

Boost Employee Engagement and Revenue

Enthusiasm is a direct link to overall employee engagement. The Hay Group found that companies with highly engaged and enthusiastic employees grew revenues two and a half times as much as those with low engagement levels. With highly engaged employees, compensation and benefits are still of consequence. However, things like a strong sense of purpose, ample autonomy, an opportunity for growth, and a sense of affiliation matter more. Managers and leaders must seek those opportunities and make them accessible to sustain a high level of enthusiasm.

“Enthusiasm…the sustaining power of all great action.” - Samuel Smiles

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