Each year on March 5, employers in the U.S. celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. It allows you to show your employees how much you value the work they do for your organization each day. There are no rules for this non-official celebratory day besides letting people know their value.

At C.A. Short, we celebrate workers on that same date. However, we focus on peer recognition through the increasingly observed Cheers for Peers Day, which has also become a nationally recognized, yet non-official professional appreciation day. Showing employee appreciation is the same for both days, but the method of doing so is somewhat different.

If you are thinking about switching over to Cheers for Peers this coming March 5, now is the time to discuss it and plan.

Here are some thoughts we want to share to get started.

How Does the Program Work at C.A. Short?

As a nationally recognized day that happens annually, we have had a chance to develop and fine-tune our approach to Cheers for Peers Day. With our program, you can give employees a "bank of points" to use to recognize and call out their peers. Once you distribute each employee's bank to them, they have the discretion to choose any employee, or employees, in the company to acknowledge. They can also distribute their banked points any way they want to in this peer-to-peer recognition atmosphere.

Award a Points Bank Through Our Employee Recognition Platform

Our People Are Everything recognition platform makes it easy for an employee to send an ecard, along with a personal note, calling out an employee for recognition and letting them know why. We created this platform for businesses like yours because we know you and your team have vital daily tasks to accomplish. At the same time, you don't want to miss an opportunity to foster a positive, peer-oriented working environment. You are not alone since our PAE program has grown year over year in participation and engagement with 90% employee based participation.

While it isn't practical for everyone to have peer-to-peer recognition attached to a monetary value daily, this is a way to enjoy this unique employee engagement and recognition once a year as a special occasion, giving employees something special to look forward to. Both givers and receivers can enjoy a day acknowledging each other's value.

A huge pro to using the PAE platform for Cheers for Peers Day is that it's more manageable and better for a virtual environment if your employees work remotely than trying to do something special for people working from home without a plan in place. PAE gives virtual team members a chance to participate in peer recognition programs without coming face-to-face with co-workers.

Keep It Simple

These programs work best when you don't put too many rules on it or parameters around it, letting your employees select the peers they wish to recognize with no outside input from management or other employees.

It's also important to keep it simple where your budget is concerned. Try to match the PAE bank you provide with your budget for the project, giving employees a practical amount to spend but not so much that it stretches your comfort.


C.A. Short’s People Are Everything Model Is Easy to Apply to Various Clients

It's actually easy to duplicate the People Are Everything (PAE) model across different business sectors, industries, and organizations. Several clients follow our PAE model, and we track each one's employee engagement. We see an amazing spike each year on that day for clients who utilize the program, measuring e-cards sent and received and points awarded.

Within PAE, you can also track all comments and peer recognition stories to share later within the organization or in a public setting to reveal more about your corporate mission and values.


What To Reward?

While employees are free to award employees freely, you can offer recommendations across the board, such as choosing an employee who has impacted their work-life or home life throughout the previous year or someone who has contributed to a large-scale project in an above-and-beyond capacity.

On Cheers to Peers Day, everyone gives and receives recognition, generating an overwhelming feeling of appreciation between peers. Giving rather than receiving is important in generating a spirit of generosity, camaraderie, and total recognition in the workplace.


Do You Need Ideas for Celebrating?

Short of not celebrating, it's difficult to go wrong in showing employee appreciation. Here are a few of our favorite ways you can celebrate your employees:

  • An employee luncheon on-site, at a restaurant, or virtually via GrubHub
  • A gift featuring your company logo
  • Handwritten notes and custom greeting cards

Creating an Employee Recognition Strategy Is Essential for Success

If you don't recognize your valued employees any other day of the year, this is the one to remember as a nationally recognized day. Employee Appreciation Day and Cheers for Peers Day—tied to Recognition Professionals International (RPI)—offer you an opportunity to let everyone know you couldn't run your business without them.

Ideally, you want to utilize day-to-day recognition as the foundation of your strategy. Most companies enjoying employee engagement through recognition have developed a sound strategy to measure the engagement and see it in action. You can do it cross-departmentally or cross-functionally, depending on what works better for you as long as you spread the love from management-to-employees and employees-to-employees.


C.A. Short Company Differs from Other Employee to Employee Recognition Programs

At C.A. Short, you can use our PAE platform to streamline your peer recognition programs for efficiency and make sure everyone feels appreciated. Our goal is to help you execute your program more easily, giving you the capabilities to customize and configure features according to your needs, budget, and priorities.

If you need help with your total recognition program, let us know how we can help you promote, plan, and kick it off with success.

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