This blog is the 4th in a series of posts about creating high-performance teams.

In our last blog post, Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement Continues with Providing Resources, we spoke about the received benefits and advantages of pairing resources, recognition, and rewards to increase employee engagement and commitment within your organization. Rule #3 in our ongoing series addresses Communication and how implementing a solid communication line with your employees can improve employee engagement.

Consistently communicate and live your organization’s values and vision. Recognize those employees who impact the quality of the organization’s work, products, and services.

Consistent Communication with Employees

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Many customers frequently ask me the question, “What is the biggest reason an employee recognition program seems to lose its luster?”  The answer is simple: Communication and awareness of the employee recognition program!

Most employees are eager to participate in a recognition program, just as the management team is eager to promote the program. However, over time, both employees and management tend to let the program fall by the wayside and the perceived value of the program seems to lose its impact.

Keeping your employees engaged at work can be a challenge, but satisfied employees will work harder and with better quality, so finding ways to keep employees engaged and excited about their jobs is crucial. You can do this if you have a positive and fair recognition program, and know how to communicate it with your employees.

Communication & Information Breeds Motivation

One of the biggest complaints from employees is they are not informed of what is going on within the company. They come to work, do their job, and go home. They have no reason to strive for greater overall results for their employer.

Employees need to be informed to be motivated and fully engaged. For example, if you are struggling with shipping accuracy of a certain product, let employees know by giving them constructive feedback of how to fix the problem. Many managers first instinct is to reprimand the individual or department, which leads to discouraged employees. Using this communication method, the problem tends to only get worse. It’s all about how you say it!

In most cases, if you communicate your message well, you will see the problem become resolved. Once resolved, make sure to recognize the individual or group responsible for rectifying the problem. It can be something as simple as congratulating them in front of their co-workers at the next meeting or bringing coffee and donuts before work begins. Employees should feel as though they are appreciated for their efforts.

Communication is key to keeping your employees motivated to continue to meet company goals. Engaged employees will work harder, stay positive, and work as a progressive team. As a company, you can communicate your appreciation through formal promotions, presentations, eCards, or simply verbally thanking employees for a job well done. If your employees are informed and motivated, they will work harder to achieve better results!

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