We understand that it can be difficult to encourage your employees and reward them adequately for their efforts in a virtual setting. While sending a chat message or email to say thank you is always appreciated, it does not always provide the same sense of belonging and comradery that comes with being in a traditional office. 

Usual activities are unable to take place, vacations are turning into staycations, and nights spent on the town are now nights spent on the couch. However, spending time at home is not all bad. Many individuals have taken this time to brush up on their baking skills, clean out that one messy closet everyone seems to have, take up a new hobby, and most importantly, spending more time with close family and relatives.

But the question still remains, how can you continue to go above and beyond for your employees after they continue to go above and beyond for your company?

What Are At-Home Virtual Experiences?

With a large number of employers continuing to utilize online and virtual working environments, it can be challenging to keep overall company morale up. Enter the At-Home Virtual Experience from C.A. Short Company. 

Due to the unforeseen events that developed in 2020, Virtual At-Home Experiences were created out of a desire to continue to engage and celebrate the achievements of fellow remote or virtual employees. C.A. Short introduced this new virtual service offering all within the People Are Everything™ Employee Engagement Platform (PAE) where Employees can login to redeem their points for in-home, curated experiences that allow them to still feel recognized and incentivized - even at a distance. 


Disclaimer: Point values and item numbers seen here correspond to a particular program and may vary based on program specifics.

Within the PAE platform, the initial rewards offerings for virtual at-home experiences include: life coaching, cooking classes, and music lessons. Think your employees might want something more? Our team is open to suggestions as this program continues to grow and gain traction with customers.

How Can My Employee Redeem Their Points?

Once your employee has logged into the PAE platform, there is a catalog with multiple choices for them to pick from, as well as additional information about each experience. Employees also have the capability to read about the class and teacher in detail. Additionally, they can reach out to the course instructor for more information or to ask class-specific questions. All of our demonstrators and instructors are seasoned professionals, ensuring the best experience possible. To keep safety measures in place, and encourage employees to participate in activities, every aspect of the session is kept virtual.

Moving forward with their choice, they can then set a date and time that works best for their schedule. Classes are taken from the comfort of their home (so they can stay in their comfy pants!) and a survey is sent at the conclusion of the event to capture the value it provided to them.


How can Virtual Experiences Influence Employee Recognition and Engagement?

For some, moving to a remote workplace environment has been especially challenging. Employee morale and work-related stress have been at an all-time high and there is less of a divide between work and home life. Continuing efforts to engage employees can provide huge benefits for your company, especially while working remotely. 

Engaging your employees through at-home experiences can:

  • Motivate team members to do their best work
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Boost comradery throughout the company
  • Improve employee reward and recognition efforts
  • Maintain social interaction between employees

In today’s society, experiences are everything. Especially while people are looking for new hobbies to try or something to fill their free time on a Sunday afternoon. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a virtual platform that allowed your employees to engage with new activities and maintain a sense of social normalcy? C.A. Short has provided that.

Customizable Redemption Options For Your Organization

So far, the Virtual At-Home Experience offerings have been extremely well received by clients that have chosen this redemption method. Clients that have incorporated our employee recognition platform into their recognition strategies and appreciation agendas have enjoyed the vast amount of reward and redemption offerings. 

No two organizations or teams are exactly alike, which is why we have made this offering fully customizable for the needs of your employees. And full customization ensures that you are staying on top of the latest and greatest products and services. 

With the various inclusions that the PAE system offers, you can be assured that individuals from multiple demographics will find this integrative platform beneficial. This is achieved through personalized choices of products and experiences that can be redeemed by the employee or rewarded by the employer.

At C.A. Short, one of our core values is service excellence. Our team is here to help you with PAE support and backend service, that way your employees can continue doing their best and get rewarded for it. This well-rounded and robust platform can do much more than the At-Home experience. You can fully customize your platform with our flexible offerings.

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