HubSpot’s Own Katie Burke Joins C.A. Short Company for Live Webcast

HubSpot is one of those rare companies who have actually managed to change the way businesses operate. From setting an example with their own unique culture to authoring The Culture Code, a living document that continues to shape our understanding of just how important culture can be, their influence is undeniable. Founded in 2006, they’ve since become a measuring stick for how businesses should engage their employees, which is evident in CEO, Brian Halligan’s memorable quote, “We take our best people and put them against our biggest opportunities.”


Katie Burke in a Live Webcast

That is why we are proud to announce that Vice President of Culture and Experience at HubSpot, Katie Burke, will be our distinguished guest for a live webcast at 9:30am (EST) on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Responsible for the company’s global employment brand, Katie has a deep understanding of how culture can become a competitive advantage, and how to deliver a remarkable experience for candidates, clients, and employees alike. She’s also experienced in marketing and corporate partnerships, having previously built and launched a wellness brand in partnership with leading companies such as Google, Intel, and Walgreens.

Join Us for This Exclusive Event

During our informative webcast, Katie will be discussing the importance of an engaging company culture, how companies can change for the better, her role within the HubSpot team and also provide an in-depth look at what led their organization to being named a 2015 Best Places to Work Award recipient by the Boston Business Journal.

So, join us at 9:30am (EST) on Wednesday, March 23rd to learn how companies can better engage their workforce and why culture is so important to the success of any brand.

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Jeff Ross, CPA, CRP, CSM

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Jeff Ross, CPA, CRP, CSM

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