As we’ve been discussing in our latest series of blogs, employee engagement is far and away one of the most crucial advantages any organization can have—regardless of the industry. But, with only 30% of the American workforce engaged in their jobs, how can we ever hope to realize our full economic potential? The truth is, it can be accomplished by following the lead of companies who are already making a difference within their own offices.


With such a strong, proven link between employee engagement and financial outcomes, if we could find a way to double the current rate of 30%, it would dramatically improve everyone’s bottom line. At least, that’s the wisdom Gallup dispensed within their recent report, “State of the American Workplace.” They were able to derive this number from their client base, which showed that their engagement level was actually higher than the national average at 47%. But an even more important sign rests with winners of the Gallup Great Workplace Award. Those organizations averaged 63%—or five times greater than the national average.

So, after looking at how these organizations operate, as compared to their counterpoints, Gallup derived four commonalities that can assist any business in increasing their engagement levels across the board.

Four Common Indicators of an Award-Winning Culture 

1 - Strategy & Leadership Philosophy

Every organization needs to hold a clear vision for their workforce and that begins with leaders. They must know how and why changes will be enacted. They must also understand that engagement doesn’t begin and end with a survey—there’s an emotional connection that must be leveraged. Taking a top-down approach to engagement proves that everyone is on the same page and ready to tackle the same responsibilities for the good of the brand.

2 - Accountability & Performance

Leaders must be held accountable at all times; for all their responsibilities. Whether it’s performance-based or engagement-based, even managerial roles must include clear guidelines, benchmarks and expectations. By setting these ahead of time and effectively evaluating and assessing those who are leading your teams, the better understanding you’ll have of what they need, what they lack, and what needs to change.

3 - Communication & Knowledge Management

Clear, concise messaging is key when it comes to the impact of employee engagement. Even the smallest piece of misinformation can stall or even halt momentum. That’s why the best thing any organization can do is be open, honest, and upfront with their workforce, even when news is bad. By instilling such high levels of trust in employees, it allows them to feel more a part of the organization itself.

4 - Development & Ongoing Learning Opportunities

When your staff is more knowledgeable, adaptable, and informed, it can’t help but benefit the organization as a whole. By offering employees the opportunity and resources to better their skillsets, the more likely they are to remain with the organization, because they can see that leaders have their best interests in mind. The same goes for leaders and managers. The more effective they are in their roles, the better it is for everyone under them and that begins with having the right tools and insight.

Highly engaged workplaces are not created by accident. They are the result of hard work, planning, and foresight. But, as Gallup points out, transformation is not easy. You have to remain steadfast in your dedication to creating such a connected environment. Yet, once the momentum begins it’s easy to see the effect it has—and the benefits are tremendous. Employees will be more productive and profitable, and your ability to attract and retrain top talent will dramatically increase.

By focusing on tapping into the passions and potential of your team, you’ll be able to maximize efforts across the board. It’s the reason that Gallup’s top organizations consistently outperform their competitors as they grow and thrive. Isn’t it time you added your name to that list?


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