A Key Component of Employee Retention

Have you ever brought in a potential new employee, shown them around your business, made your pitch, and felt confident that they were committed, only to receive a disappointing email the next day, letting you know that you’d lost another great recruit to your biggest competitor? Have you ever lost a fifteen year employee to a start-up with no idea what caused them to ditch the stability of a lifetime career? This is a familiar story for an increasing number of HR Leaders, and a troubling one for anyone interested in the long-term stability of their organization. Constant employee turnover is a costly and inconvenient problem for any business seeking sustainable growth.

In the age of the internet and social media, recruiting and retaining talent has taken on a new level of challenge for even the most motivated and dedicated HR Leader. Our society is highly mobile, easily global, and information flow among employees within an industry is at an all-time high. If the competition has something you don’t have, your employees will know about it. Employees are no longer assuming that they will commit to a single company for a lifetime of service-- they’re keeping their options open, and frequently checking out the other side of the fence to see what THEIR grass looks like. So, what can you do to leverage your resources and make your company competitive in the talent market today?

employeesC.A. Short Company has made it our single-minded goal to answer that question for you. We want to support you in your quest to make your organization irresistibly attractive to the employees you need to succeed. We believe that at the center of any program or effort to increase attractiveness and retention, there must be a focus on employee engagement in the workplace.

We believe that employee engagement is driven largely by employee recognition, the centerpiece of which ought to be a strong, foundational Years of Service Recognition Program. It may seem overly simplistic, but remember; often the most complex issues can be addressed by the simplest solutions. Happy, well-supported employees stick around, and their success and satisfaction attracts new skilled employees. It really might all come down to the effectiveness of your Employee Recognition Program and Strategy.

Do you already have a proven, effective Employee Recognition Program? Is your Employee Recognition strategy supported by an effective Years of Service Awards program? Is it intuitive, automatic, and effortless to implement? Is it tied to an overarching strategy supported by an Employee Recognition & Engagement Platform?

Most importantly, is it effectively working to promote an atmosphere where your employees feel appreciated and supported? And are you attracting and retaining the talent you need to stay competitive in your field? If you didn’t answer yes to all of those questions, you need to talk to one of our representatives today. Let us give you a free demonstration of our Employee Recognition and Engagement Platform, People Are Everything, and prove to you that we are the missing piece in your path to long-term business and people growth.

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