Implementation of Change


Total Recognition Platforms have been shown time and time again to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and make employees genuinely feel a sense of appreciation from their organization. Announcing the adoption of a Total Recognition program to your employees should bring feelings of motivation, loyalty, and appreciation.As odd as it may seem, change, even when it's something as positive as a Total Recognition program, can incite nervousness among some employees. Especially for those who are quite accustomed to the annual recognition model. There is the potential of employees feeling overwhelmed when adapting to a new employee engagement structure.

Change Management to the Rescue

Such situations can easily be avoided by establishing a change management plan. A change management plan will allow organizational leaders to think through how to announce, communicate, launch, and continue your new Total Recognition program.

A change management plan can reduce the risk of ill feelings and misinterpretation of your new program.

Communication Begets Success

In organizations, employees do not have the responsibility to manage change. It is the sole responsibility of management to communicate, interpret, and facilitate the change, while ensuring everyone is on board and no one gets left behind. Communication is very important for employees to begin to trust, participate and eventually become fully engaged in the change process. It is vital for employees to know why changes are being made, how the changes benefit the organization, and how they benefit them as part of the organization.

In many cases, organizational leaders can identify strategic plans that will help them meet goals. However, it is not uncommon for them to expect that the management team and employees will "get the memo", get engaged, and make it happen. However, the leaders often fail with this expectation. Managers and leaders must work together to handle change in a manner in which employees can cope with the changes and offer support for those that need additional time and conversation throughout the process.

A change management plan will ensure that your new Total Recognition program will succeed and thrive from the beginning!

How Do You Incorporate Personal and Organizational Change Into Your Recognition Programs?

First, you should determine how big the gap is between the current state and the futured or desired state of your program. What areas are incremental changes versus transformational changes? Identify these areas to begin. Secondly, you should develop a detailed design for moving the organization from the current state you identified in the earlier step to the desired or future state that you’d like to be in. 

Next, remember and utilize a systems approach. The issues and outcomes of this process may be focused on one of the organizational elements of strategy, people, structure, processes and/or culture. However, keep in mind that by changing one of these elements, the entire organization will be affected. The interdependencies and alignment of the whole system must be factored into the plan for maximum success.

This blog was originally published on November 17, 2014 and updated on February 26, 2021 for accuracy.

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