Were you the kid at school that always did their homework on time and never got recognized for it? The injustice that you probably felt still exists even in the workplace.

Nobody wants to work at a place that doesn't have rewards and recognition for their employees and if you aren't thankful for the men and women putting in the hours day-in, day-out then the hard truth is they may well leave and find a job elsewhere. 

Here are some employee recognition examples to consider for your business. 

1. Team Day Out

Another great experience for your team to celebrate working hard is a team day out. This could be just as fun as a rewards evening and is more inclusive because it doesn't have to involve getting drunk. 

You could organize a day out to a nearby theme park, an escape room or a day of laser-tag. All of these events involve team building and bonding themselves as well as being great fun. It's the perfect opportunity for some valuable employee recognition.

Be sure to split up the normal co-working groups in the office so that everybody gets a chance to socialize with new people from different departments. 

Don't arrange a day out that is too far away as your employees will be too tired by the time they get there. 

Ensure that the transport options are comfortable. If you are booking taxis and are traveling for longer than one hour then be sure to book extra seats so that everybody does not have to be squished next to each other. Use a reliable taxi company rather than one that might let you down and ruin the event. 

2. Rewards Night 

What better way to celebrate your employees' success than creating a fancy event in which everyone can get dressed up and have a good time to present the rewards?

A rewards night empowers your employees by making them feel valued and empowering your employees is the key to a successful business. 

You could plan this every year or every quarter depending on how much motivation you think your employees need and how generous you are feeling. 

The Venue

You need a good venue for your event to take place. Your company headquarters could be fun as it is a home-away-from-home but a fancier venue is probably a better choice. 

Good choices include a nightclub, a restaurant or an upmarket hotel that has a big ballroom or room for events. Ensure that it includes a bar and can also serve food if necessary. You also need space for a stage for employees to come and get their awards. 

The choice of venue will depend on the number of people who are attending and who work in your office. However, employees could have some say in the venue, subject to your budget.

You could put it to a vote through a simple poll on Facebook or through your work email. Then create a small event one afternoon where you reveal the result of the poll for the venue. This adds drama and excitement but also builds a sense of community among your employees as everyone counts down the time to the big day. 

The Food

If your budget can stretch to it it is well worth investing in good catering. Everybody loves to eat and it means the event is not simply an awards ceremony in which everyone does the awards and then goes home or gets drunk.

A meal is a civilized affair and allows everyone to converse between themselves before or after the presenting of the awards. Furthermore, round tables ensure that your employees and your managers get to bond as equals, sharing stories and are able to share in the presentation of the wards. 

Be sure to hire good caterers who present good food with lots of options for vegans and vegetarians. You don't want your employees to get food poisoning. 

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards or perks to the job that make life easier like working from home are a much better incentive than cash bonuses or simply increasing your employee's wages. This is what research from Harvard Business School academics shows. 

This is because cash is in many ways meaningless. it is just a number in your bank account and many people won't necessarily spend it on themselves. For a lot of people, cash just goes on bills or everyday essentials. 

Instead, gift cards show appreciation in a really special way. An employee has to spend them at the store they are specified for them. They cannot exchange them for cash. Already, therefore they think about them differently. They have to be spent on a gift in the store they are designed for.

Think about Christmas or birthdays. How much more do you value a physical present or gift or a gift card then a wad full of dollars stashed into an envelope? A gift card shows more thought like you have thought about how you value your employees.

Employee Recognition Examples? Having Fun Is Most Important 

If you are considering employee recognition examples then the most important thing is to create an event or an experience that is as inclusive and as fun for all of your employees as possible.

A team day out to a theme park or an escape room could be a great option. But it depends on your team. If your team are not every active and prefer a good evening out then be sure to put on a great employee recognition awards. Serve good quality food and drink and hire an impressive venue.

Seat employees and managers together and be sure to value every employee in the company in some way.

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