Employee engagement is all about creating a culture that ensures employees feel they have what it takes and everything they need to give their all during the workday. It aims to define how committed employees are to company goals and success, as well as their own personal growth within the company. 

While there are a variety of programs out there claiming to boost productivity and employee engagement. Our total recognition platform goes deeper to understand engagement on every level. Today we will be discussing what total recognition means and how it can boost employee engagement. 

Do Your Employees Feel Appreciated?

BlogImages_8I often think about the employee incentives that organizations give their employees to recognize their achievements: pizza parties, doughnuts for morning team meetings, custom branded giveaways, service awards, safety awards -- is your head spinning?

There are a lot of ways you can recognize your employees and ensure they feel appreciated, but do these incentives work? 

Industry research shows that an amazing 43% of employees do not feel recognized for the job that they perform. 

It's very obvious that the three levels of employee recognition, formal, informal, and day-to-day, is a challenge for many companies. This is where Total Recognition comes in to play and helps companies provide a well-rounded, all-inclusive employee engagement program. 

What is Total Recognition?

I'm SO glad you asked!

Total Recognition is an easy way to link all types of acknowledgments into one simple program. The online platform allows you to award points in lieu of running around town buying gifts that your employees may not appreciate. You can award points for many reasons such as Instant Award Recognition, Years of Service Awards, anniversaries, birthdays, employee well-being programs, sales incentives, and much more.

Want to include a small presentation of achievements and milestones? The Total Recognition platform supports it. What about a quick note? eCards are the perfect solution emerging into the recognition industry. A simple “thank you” or “job well done” goes a long way.

How Much Do Employee Engagement and Total Recognition Programs Cost? 

You may be thinking that an employee engagement program that does all of the above things must cost a lot? However, it’s likely you're already spending the same amount of money and are  just unaware of how to manage your budget

A closer look at your company expense reports will show you how much is spent on a periphery of employee recognition programs. Combining the numerous budgets allocated to employee appreciation and using the pool of funds will help you to build the ultimate Total Recognition Program. 

Easy Steps to Total Recognition

As we mentioned above, total recognition encompasses a variety of factors that can motivate and inspire your employees. There are a few easy steps involved with building a Total Recognition program, use our checklist below as a guide to help you get started! 

  • Research internally what your company is spending on employee recognition. Be sure to include logo items, dinners, gift cards, etc.
  • Build a program outline to determine the reason and nature of your award.
  • Include all three forms of employee recognition: Formal, informal, and day-to-day.
  • Include your company core values and beliefs.
  • Source a company who has both experience in core recognition and Total Recognition programs, such as C.A. Short
  • Ensure you have a proper rollout and a communication plan for your employees.
  • Launch your program!

Employee Engagement is not a one-size fits all solution. Every employee is different and each program should work to resonate with their unique motivators. By using a total recognition program, you can better understand these different motivators and fully engage every member of your team. 

At C.A. Short Company, we are your partner for engagement based solutions and increased performance outcomes. Our 75 years of experience in employee engagement and recognition programs can help you motivate your staff, increase your bottom line, and overall benefit your entire organization. 

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is good and it is true, and the testimonials of success from our clients speak volumes! Learn more about the Total Recognition program by calling us today

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on September 30th, 2014 and has been recently updated. 

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