We have spent ample time talking about how to engage your employees in the workplace, and we've proven that employee engagement is a key measurement tool of an organization's overall health and performance, as well as a vital contributor to the success of your organizational goals. But, what does a rise in the level of employee engagement mean for your organization in the grand scheme of the business community? Enter the Engaged Company Stock Index.

How the Engaged Company Stock Index Works


Let's relate the Engaged Company Stock Index to the traditional stock market. The stock market is a vital data source to measure the business performance of a company. When you're looking to invest in a company, the stock market provides a record of its overall performance, which is key to making an informed investment decision.

The Engaged Company Stock Index works in a very similar manner, but focuses not on a retrospective basis, but on an ongoing basis. Currently, there are 45 organizations listed on the Engaged Company Stock Index, all who showcase a high level of engagement with their customers, clients, and community.

How powerful is the Engaged Company Stock Index?
Since its inception in October 2012, the Engaged Company Stock Index has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 22 percentage points! 

Who are the Companies on the Engaged Company Stock Index?

The Engaged Company Stock Index currently includes 45 highly engaged companies who excel in community engagement, employee engagement, and customer engagement. Companies are tracked by the Good Company Index developed by Human Analytics specialist, McBassi & Co. The Good Company Index includes several well-known companies such as Apple, American Express, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive, Costco, Delta Airlines, Ford, Google, GE, Hershey, Intel, Nike, Microsoft, and others.

What the Engaged Company Stock Index Means for You

Your organization does not have to be a multi-billion dollar operation to practice the basic components of the Engaged Company Stock Index. By being a good steward of your community, your customers, and your employees, your organization can reap the benefits that those ranked on the Engaged Company Stock Index have enjoyed by practicing the benefits of engagement:

1. Community Engagement: Building genuine, meaningful relationships with community members with a special attention and focus on the betterment of the community as a whole.

2. Customer Engagement: The creation of an emotional connection your clients, further building the framework of a mutually beneficial relationship that founded on loyalty and trust.

3. Employee Engagement: A constant emphasis on fostering a positive company culture that is based on appreciation and recognition of your employees and their efforts to help your organization meet and exceed your goals. In essence, employee engagement helps your employees recognize that you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you! 

If you're looking to boost employee engagement within your company, we suggest that you begin by downloading our complimentary 7 NEW Rules of Employee Engagement Wall Chart, which presents the 7 main focal points of employee engagement and how your organization can reap the benefits.

If you'd like to have a conversation with our team regarding how to strategize, implement, and manage an Employee Engagement Program within your organization, we'd love to have a conversation with you about our People Are Everything Employee Engagement Platform, which helps to build an enthusiastic company culture by providing the resources and communication tools needed to show appreciation and recognition to your entire organization!

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