OSHA®, the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration, announced a number of major changes in 2016. And with just a few weeks left before the New Year, the administration just revealed another biggie for the manufacturing industry. In an effort to further reduce workplace amputations, a number of states are now facing a major crackdown by OSHA®. Will your job be affected? 


Each year, over 2,600 amputations occur from workplace injuries. 1,400 of these, a whopping 57%, comes from just one industry – manufacturing. Of these incidents, the majority occur when workers operate machines that do not have proper safety guards in place.

OSHA®, determined to change these alarming statistics, has undertaken a targeted enforcement to protect workers in the manufacturing industry, specifically those working in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Kelly C. Knighton, regional administrator of OSHA®, states that, the “focus on amputation hazards reminds employers that safety and health should remain a top priority” and that she hopes “the focus on the issue will reduce the potential for continued worker exposure to unguarded machines and equipment.”

A targeted enforcement phase is now underway. This includes a review of employers in industries where amputations are more likely, as well as on-site inspections. These inspections will come from federal safety and health inspectors who will evaluate working conditions, operations, recordkeeping and safety & health programs.

The number of OSHA® inspections isn’t the only thing that’s going to increase either. Earlier this year, the administration announced that they will be increasing fines by as much as 78%. Fines for serious violations have increased to $12,471 from $7,000. Repeated violations now command a staggering $124,709 vs. the past amount of $70,000

Keep Your Workers Safe

Failing to ensure a safe workplace for your employees is a costly business – in terms of both profits and, more importantly, loss of human life or limbs. In order to avoid these casualties and ensure that your employees operate in a safe environment, it’s critical that your company utilizes a comprehensive safety awareness program that is OSHA® compliant and encourages employee engagement. 

Why does engagement matter? When employees are engaged, companies experience 48% fewer safety incidents, and absenteeism and turnover rates reduce by 37%. These same companies also see a 22% increase in profitability and a 21% increase in productivity. For these reasons – and many more – it’s essential that the safety incentive program you select focuses on  leading indicators and keeping your employees engaged in your safety culture.

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