Safegagement™, a concept developed by Jeff Ross, CPA, CRP (our President/CFO), occurs when engaged employees are safer at work and make better decisions because they care about those they work with, the company they work for, and the overall accomplishments of the organization. This is the fourth post in a series where we discuss the Five Components of Safegagement. As we near the end of our series, we hope you're gaining a clear understanding of how the Five Components of Safegagement work together. Alone, each component holds enormous potential for your workforce and their overall quality of life, both in and out of the workplace. However, when these components are combined and instilled as one, they can truly help your company accomplish a safe and engaging work environment for all.

Fourth Component of Safegagement: Parallel Engagement

Our Fourth Safegagement™ Component: Parallel Engagement

Today, we will be discussing the importance of parallel engagement. One roadblock that often hinders companies is their ability to implement strategic change across the board. Whether instilled in the culture or left up to presumption, some simply believe it is only others who should embrace change.

As with most programs and initiatives, Safegagement™ simply cannot be achieved if implemented with varying degrees of success. After all, employees are far less likely to follow guidelines that aren’t resonating with managers and high-level individuals in the organization. Segmenting these tactics would effectively give the members of your workforce a powerful reason to “checkout” or disengage from their tasks at hand.

Think of it as the adulthood equivalent of the phrase, “Because I told you so.” If employees don’t see the value in their position or understand how important they are to the success of the brand, they’ll never push themselves as they should. That's why it is critical to begin this journey by embodying the values you wish them to have.

Engage at every level

As Kerry Murphy from states, "There are basic components that people need to feel fulfilled at work. They want to come to work happy and leave happy. They look for meaning and value at work and want to understand how their efforts help their company succeed. They need camaraderie, friendship and meaning in order to stay connected to and engaged with their colleagues.”

That’s why, when engagement is achieved across the board, you’re providing employees a reason to believe in what they do. To take this idea even one step further, it’s important to note that managers and leaders must also be held accountable for the engagement levels of their teams. It not only shows the value in their contributions, it also lends a much sought after assurance that the organization believes in their abilities.

Set the stage for great performances

But, as we mentioned, this type of engagement shouldn’t stop at the office doors. Companies should seek to employ an approach that also stresses that quality of life for loved ones is just as important as for the employees themselves. By allowing team members to openly see and participate in high levels of commitment, empathy, appreciation and devotion, you’re highlighting a belief that they are more than just employees.

Here at C.A. Short Company, our tagline states, “People are Everything,” and we believe this is a mantra every company should adopt -- especially when it comes to the well-being of our colleagues. That’s why we pursue Safegagement™ and hope you will too. Because even though each of these components has strength on their own, it’s their combined strengths that can truly accomplish great things within our work and personal lives.

In our next blog, we’ll continue to further build upon these themes by discussing the last of our five components, Connectivity & Ownership. If you’ve missed any of our previous blog entries, be sure to check out our posts on Leading Indicators, Comprehensive Training and Positive Reinforcement.

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