shutterstock_336904568.jpgWhen it comes to points-based rewards and recognition programs, there are basically two types of people: those who use their points right away after receiving a reward from their manager, or those who bank their points waiting for just the right time, opportunity or that one certain item they’ve had their eye on.

There’s no wrong or right in regards to these two different types of employees. The only wrong in this equation is to not use your points. By not using recognition points, you’re missing out on the opportunity to feel the full effect of recognition.


Why Points Work

The use of points for recognition is a highly effective way to increase engagement. The same concept has been used effectively for many types of companies to increase customer loyalty.

When an employee receives an award, that recognition helps to enhance that individual’s feelings about the organization and drives great engagement, which in turn increases productivity and improves the company’s retention of high performing employees.

But one of the greatest parts of a points-based recognition program is the “sticky” aspect of the reward. When an employee takes the reward points and redeems them for a certain item, then every time the employee sees that item, he or she is reminded of the good feelings of being reward for a certain action or behavior. This helps to reinforce that action or behavior, so it will be repeated in the future.

That’s also why points-based recognition is better than cash rewards. Sure, everyone likes a little extra cash, but cash rewards don’t have that same “sticky” effect that a tangible reward item has.

To drive employee engagement and productivity, employees should be encouraged to use their points as often as possible. This will give your recognition program the greatest results.

A Recognition Gift for Others – Or For Yourself!

The holiday season is a great time to redeem points. Many people use recognition points to obtain gifts for friends or family. But why not use points to get that perfect gift for you?  Why not reward yourself for a great year or a job well done? What is that item you’ve been wanting all year but never could bring yourself to buy? Perhaps it was just too extravagant to purchase. Using points makes it easier to justify treating yourself.

So, redeem those recognition points now. The reward will drive you, your employees and fellow team members to greater success in the coming year.

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