Fullyengagedemplyees.pngLike Santa’s Elves working happily and tirelessly year round, your company’s greatest assets are your fully engaged employees. You know who they are, they’re the employees who work with passion, feel connected to and are proud of the organization they work for. They come to work early and stay late when necessary to get the job done. Fully engaged employees are your greatest asset (Tweet This), and you may be surprised to learn, according to the July 2015 Employee Engagement Report, they represent less than one-third of your workforce. This begs the question, how do you harness the more than 60 percent of your workforce to become engaged?

Reward & Recognize

The beauty of Reward & Recognize is flexibility. Your company gets to choose what you are going to reward and recognize employees for, which gives you the ability to decide the behavior you want to drive. It’s difficult to do it all at once, so pick behaviors and incorporate more when you’re ready.

Suggestions to get the ball rolling include recognizing for:

  • Years of service and/or performance
  • Contributing a creative idea
  • Continuous performance improvement
  • An “extra mile” effort
  • Being cost conscious
  • Solving a problem
  • Perfect attendance


Inspire employees to develop new skills and provide a path to advance their careers. Employees without a clear direction are likely to slip into the “I’m just going to work” mentality and only do what’s required. Employees who know and understand what they can do to move ahead will excel and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Work – Life Integration

Rewarding performance at work is a key component to growing the business, but promoting a healthy lifestyle will help to drive a communal culture of health and well-being. Provide healthy food choices, drive voluntary community involvement as a corporate objective, and let employees choose some of the worthy causes. Your employees' pride will skyrocket, and they’ll become ambassadors of your business.

There are many ways to drive employee engagement (check out our Complimentary Wall Chart titled 35 Ways to Influcence Corporate Culture and Increase Bottom Line). What’s important for your organization to understand is that all of this and more is possible. Empowering your workforce to become as engaged as Santa’s Elves is your corporate responsibility, the only question remaining is whether you’ll find yourself on the Naughty or Nice List this time next year.


At C A. Short Company, we are your partner for increased employee engagement resulting in increased performance outcomes to grow your bottom line. Our process and research-based platform helps you engage your team in order to increase your bottom line, motivate your staff to the benefit of the entire organization, and reward your people for the positive changes they make. To request a Complimentary Consultation, please click here. 


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