Employee engagement strategies have been proven to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and overall improve employee feelings in the workplace. These benefits can greatly improve your bottom line. A 2018 Gallup report affirmed that companies with a high employee engagement rate are 21 percent more profitable than their competitors.

In order to achieve these benefits, you must connect with your employees and understand their internal motivators in order to truly engage your workforce. Partnering with a company that offers an all-inclusive engagement platform can help you define these factors and tailor them to your engagement strategy. Continue reading as we discuss the different aspects of an all-in engagement platform and what they can do for your company and engagement levels. 


Customization and Segmentation

You may already be using behavioral segmentation to determine your customer interactions, loyalty, and buying patterns. The same concept can also be applied to your employees and understanding what makes them ‘tick’. 

By segmenting your employees and identifying the varying buckets that employees naturally fall into, you can position your programs and rewards to better connect with different employees and the segment or bucket they are addressing. 

Through program customization and segmentation, you can develop more targeted approaches that ultimately drive more people to take the desired action.


Recognition and Gratitude 

There are three levels of recognition; formal, informal, and day-to-day. Your employee engagement platform should encompass all of these opportunities for recognition, developing a total recognition strategy. 

Many companies already incorporate a formal recognition strategy such as Years of Service or an annual event that spotlights and celebrates exemplary employees. includes a small percentage of standout or exemplary employees being recognized. The problem we are now facing, however, is that many younger employees are not sticking around long enough to reach a 5-year milestone and require shorter term goals to boost engagement. This is why informal and day-to-day recognition are highly essential to your platform and program. 

Informal and day-to-day recognition is ongoing and includes a larger amount of employees that are being recognized. Employee engagement platforms can include these levels of engagement by offering instant award cards, ecards for birthdays and anniversaries, and peer recognition abilities. 


Reports and Dashboards

For every company program, having key data and reports are necessary to make further improvements and understand what is essentially working and what is not. You should have the ability to build customizable dashboards for managers and teams to track progress for long-term and short-term program goals. 

Monthly survey data from pulse surveys can be used to gauge employee feelings and thoughts surrounding specific programs. While HR professionals and managers can also use this data to determine opportunities for professional development and growth. Once key data is collected, the door for growth is opened, giving you more insight into your company and your employees. 



Employee engagement and recognition never stops. If your managers are constantly on the go they should be able to access the engagement platform from any device, anywhere. Mobile applications including People Are Everything™, allow your management team to reward incentives, monitor reports, and even send e-cards all from the convenience of their smartphone. Employees can also access program information, complete online surveys, and administer peer recognition with added convenience.  


Your employee engagement platform should provide insight and data into your engagement levels while providing more opportunities to boost recognition and build a culture of motivation and teamwork. By partnering with a company that specializes in recognition strategies, you can develop a program and customize your platform to meet your organizational-specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning People Are Everything™ platform and discuss our 80+ years of experience helping craft unique engagement strategies.  


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