This post is the 5th in a series of eight blog posts about engaging employees in the healthcare industry.

The demand for qualified Registered Nurses and Healthcare Professionals continues to grow due to expanding healthcare needs of aging Baby Boomers. A new generation of RNs is entering the workforce every day, bringing new ideas, technologies, and ways of incorporating their newly acquired skills. While this is an amazing advantage that can only bring positive change to the industry, some seasoned staff can begin to feel as though their many years of experience are now unappreciated.

Generation_Gap_in_Healthcare_WorkersAddressing the Generational Gap in Healthcare

I have an aunt who shared her experiences with me regarding this topic. She has been a Registered Nurse at a large university hospital for more than 30 years. She is a prodigious nurse with skillful knowledge of the day-to-day struggles of working for an acclaimed healthcare facility. We often discuss how she sometimes finds it difficult to relate to new and ultimately, younger RNs on her floor. The problem is not that she doesn’t like them personally, but rather, she feels as though they don’t appreciate the knowledge she has learned and acquired, which goes beyond the classroom, from first-hand experiences that breed an exceptional nurse.

Bridging the Generational Gap in Healthcare

The goal in any organization is unity among staff and shared wisdom that crosses generational gaps. With conscious effort, a healthcare organization can ensure all healthcare staff are appreciated and engaged. Some ways of achieving this include:

  • Expanded education & supplement training programs
  • Create mentorship programs that couple seasoned and new healthcare professionals
  • Host interactive team building events
  • Build peer-to-peer recognition programs that allow for positive reinforcement from co-workers
  • Continue to boast Years of Service Awards that show the due appreciation to experienced employees

Let’s be honest, the generational gap is present in industries across the board, not just healthcare. It’s difficult for Baby Boomers to relate to Gen X, and for Gen X to relate to Millennials. However, the good news is that by developing employee recognition programs that build on the exceptional knowledge that each generation brings to the table, your healthcare facility will improve employee engagement, retention, and ultimately your bottom line.

Tips to Engage Healthcare Team

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