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A Gallup study found that companies in the TOP QUARTILE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT

compared with those in the bottom-quartile exhibited:

2017_GallupPole-01.pngFully engaged teams have greater results in core

performance outcomes such as:

• Customer ratings

• Profitability

• Turnover

• Safety incidents

• Shrinkage (theft)

• Absenteeism

• Patient safety incidents

• Quality (defects)

** Active disengagement costs companies $450-$550 billion annually

Source: Gallup – State of the American Workplace



The Needle By Just 2%



Over the years, the state of productivity in the workplace has shifted dramatically. We see more distributed workforces. We see Boomers aging out of the workplace, and millennials taking critical roles in leadership. And we know that more than 2/3 of the general workforce is disengaged, resulting in a loss in productivity of more than $450 billion dollars annually. As the workplace has shifted, C.A. Short Company has shifted its focus areas toward strategies to recognize and engage workforces in ways that impact the company culture and unleash the ROI.

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Meet all of the ways that we can build a program for you that fits your needs and budget.

New Maximize Impact

Not every culture or budget are the same, we recognize this fact and are committed

Presy Box.pngto building a program that meets your needs and budget – guaranteed!

- Mobile & Desktop Accessibility

- Program and Award Customization

- Total Recognition Program

- Reward Center

- Global Integration and Shipping

- Admin Dashboard

Improve Satisfaction

See an improvement in employee satisfaction when you provide employees,

managers and admins with the tools that promote their success; then measure

it regularly.

- Comprehensive Reporting

- Name Brand Items

- User Guide

redeeming-IAC.jpgEngage Your Culture

Recognition is an emotional experience for the giver and the recipient. It is important to take the time to tell your employees, “You matter, and we’ve noticed your contribution.”

- Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

- Manager-to-Peer (M2P)

- Social Interaction through Badges, eCards, Instant Award Cards and Online Recognition Feed

- Holiday Giving

Build Loyalty

Create a deep emotional connection with your employees by making them your

most vocal brand ambassadors. Thank them, in turn, they will thank you.

CAS-New-2- Awards – Points, Service Awards, Stamps, Safety


- Corporate Marketplace


- Company Announcements


Change Behavior

The cost of an accident can far outweigh the cost of placing importance and focus

on employee safety to the tune of millions of dollars. Recognize employees who

maintain a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and others.

- OSHA® Compliant

- Training Videos

- Quizzes

- Leading Indicators


- ISO 9001 Certified

- Agile Certified

- Society for Human Resources Management

- Recognition Professionals International

- Better Business Bureau

- National Safety Council

- Enterprise Engagement Alliance

- Engagement Advisory Council

- American Society of Safety Engineers

- International Standards Organization

- Incentive Marketing Association


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