RubberMeetstheRoadwithEmployeeEngagementOur blog series on how to engage workers in the transportation industry has come to a close, and we hope that you received valuable insight regarding how to engage your drivers. While our focus was specifically targeted to the transportation industry, we also recognize that the shared ideas and tips could ultimately be applied to all industries. Employee engagement, no matter the specifics of how it is achieved, is a universal factor in every organization. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a look at where the rubber meets the road on some of the key takeaways of this series regarding employee engagement in the transportation industry.

Employee Engagement in the Transportation Industry

Showing true appreciation to your employees and workforce can start with small, intentional steps, and later build into a comprehensive, overall employee engagement strategy. If you're aiming to implement employee appreciation and recognition into your organizational focus, you may begin with these simple steps:  

  • Understand the specific needs of not only your industry, but your organizational culture, too.
  • Embrace new technologies for employees and use them in conjunction with your overall employee engagement strategy.
  • Create workforce mentorship programs that pair incoming employees with trusted, veteran employees.
  • Realize the direct and indirect cost of disengagement in the workplace. 
  • Incorporate Day-to-Day recognition into your employee engagement strategy.

Can you see how your organization may be able to incorporate these concepts into your own recognition strategy? We can help. C.A. Short Company develops total employee engagement & recognition programs specifically for your organizational culture, goals, and recognition strategy. By having a proactive approach to behavioral change, and incorporating formal, informal, and day-to-day recognition into your strategy, your organization will significantly lower turnover, safety incidents, and absenteeism, while ultimately increasing profitability, productivity, customer ratings, and employee engagement.

Transportation - 5 Tips to Increase Driver Engagement - C.A. Short Company

  At C.A. Short Company, we are your partner for increased employee engagement resulting in increased performance outcomes to grow your bottom line. Our process and research-based platform helps you engage your team in order to increase your bottom line, motivate your staff to the benefit of the entire organization, and reward your people for the positive changes they make. To request a Complimentary Consultation, please click here. 


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