How to Launch an Employee Engagement Program

Setting the Stage for Success with Employee Engagement

The launch of your employee engagement program sets the stage for its future success, and should be well-planned and communicated throughout your organization in advance of the start. While defining the program - tied to core company performance goals and initiatives - the Program Implementation team has a foundational commission to incorporate this effort into the very fiber of the company DNA. 

We've outlined a few core steps that are critical to the launch of your enterprise engagement initiative.


A program launch is not just the responsibility of the Human Resources Director or the Marketing Department. Your leadership team should consist of your Chief Engagement Officer - the highest level person in your organization willing to champion the initiative - likely your CEO. This team should also consist of members of your Senior Leadership Team and managers who can make an impact.  


Your leadership team should work together to bring innovative ideas for how to reach your unique group of people. Innovation is everyone's responsibility. Consider the following questions:

  • How can we launch this initiative in a way that supports the foundational evidence that emotional connections drive behavioral adoption?
  • How can we involve our teams in a way that allows them to take ownership and support "their" own culture?
  • In what ways can we build a culture that is highly sought after? 


The marketing and communications piece of the launch is critical. The Implementation Team will need to announce the program launch in advance in order to build anticipation and create demand for the program. The group should utilize internal communication tools already readily available such as email, forums, wikis, company newsletters, intranet sites, and digital signage. The rollout plan should also include empowering others to build excitement. One way to do this is to give speaking points to Managers so they can champion the initiate within their own teams.


Before rolling out the program, make sure you've assessed your team's engagement levels so that a baseline can be established. You use these baselines later to measure the impact of the initiative. After launching the employee engagement program, continuously measure and adjust the parameters and compare against your baselines. 


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