Over the past several weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector. We’ve shared with you the tremendous results Sysco Kansas City experienced after investing in Safegagement™, troubling statistics that haunt the manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation industries, and steps you can take to improve retention, safety, and profitability.

Now it’s time to have a little fun and find out how much you know about one of the nation’s most challenging (and rewarding) sectors. Test your knowledge by taking our 10-question quiz below.

The Questions

Question 1: Each year, inefficiency costs manufacturing and warehousing companies as much as ___.

  1. 5% of their profits
  2. 15% of their profits
  3. 25% of their profits
  4. 30% of their profits

Question 2: Creating a Culture of Safegagement can reduce safety incidents in the CPG sector by as much as:

  1. 100%
  2. 70%
  3. 50%
  4. 35%

Question 3: Highly-engaged employees help reduce product defects by around _______.

  1. 14%
  2. 22%
  3. 35%
  4. 40%

Question 4: Which industry in the CPG sector has the highest turnover rates?

  1. Transportation
  2. Warehousing
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Retail

Question 5: The amount of food recalls in the U.S. increased by _______ in 2016.

  1. 6%
  2. 14%
  3. 24%
  4. 32%

Question 6: What is Safegagement?

  1. An Icelandic metal band
  2. A holistic approach to both safety and engagement
  3. A new Buick
  4. An upcoming Star Wars movie

Question 7: In March 2018, quit levels in manufacturing were ______.

  1. 15% lower than the previous year
  2. 5% higher than the previous year
  3. 10% lower than the previous year
  4. 13% higher than the previous year

Question 8: When compared to businesses with low levels of employee engagement, businesses with high levels of engagement typically experience:

  1. Reduced turnover
  2. Improved retention
  3. Lower sales
  4. A & B

Question 9: When should you begin honoring employees in the CPG sector for their years of service?

  1. At one year of service or sooner
  2. At five years of service
  3. At ten years of service
  4. At 15 years of service

Question 10: When compared to companies with the lowest levels of engagement, companies with highly-engaged employees experience, on average:

  1. 12% higher profits
  2. 5% lower profits
  3. 21% higher profits
  4. 43% lower profits

The Answers

Answer 1: D – Inefficiency costs manufacturing and warehousing companies as much as 30% of their annual profit.

Answer 2: B – Safegagement can lead to a 70% reduction in safety incidents in the manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation industries.

Answer 3: D – When employees are highly engaged, product quality scores are 40% higher than similar companies with low levels of engagement.

Answer 4: A – The transportation industry has the highest levels of turnover, with truck driver turnover jumping to 95%.

Answer 5: C – The number of food recalls in the U.S. increased by 24% in 2016. As high as this number is, it pales in comparison to global recalls – which average between 20 and 30 new cases each week.

Answer 6: B – Safegagement is what happens when companies focus on improving safety and engagement simultaneously.

Answer 7: D – In March 2018, quit levels in the manufacturing industry were 13% higher than March 2017.

Answer 8: D – When compared to companies with the lowest levels of engagement, those with the highest levels experienced reduced turnover, improved retention, and even greater sales.

Answer 9: A – If your company operates in the CPG sector, you should honor employees much sooner than the traditional 5-year mark. Consider offering awards beginning at the one year level.

Answer 10: C – Companies with highly-engaged employees experience, on average, 21% higher profitability.

How did you score?

Did you score a perfect 10? If you’re like most readers, chances are you missed at least one or two. And that’s okay, because C.A. Short Company has a list of resources designed to get you up to speed in no time.

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