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"Improving Staff Morale Using the 5 Languages of Appreciation"

On-Demand Webcast with Dr. Paul White

Discover The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work and its huge impact in improving staff morale.

Please join us as Dr. Paul White, a psychologist, author, speaker and a distinguished consultant on work relationships, leads us in taking an in-depth look at the reasons employee disengagement continues, despite the growing number of employee recognition programs in the industry today.

By watching this On-Demand Webcast, you'll learn:Dr.png

  • the difference between “going through the motions” recognition and authentic appreciation by learning the core conditions for individuals to truly feel appreciated

  • to identify and apply the core components necessary for appreciation and encouragement to be effectively communicated in work based relationships

  • to implement practical actions with The 5 Languages of Appreciation that can be used immediately to “hit the mark” in communicating appreciation to team members and colleagues

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