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What is A Recognition Strategy? (+ Free Recognition Strategy Action Plan Template)

Celebrating employees and recognizing their success probably seems like a reasonable and natural concept, but its value goes far beyond creating a pleasant, professional atmosphere. An organized and detailed recognition program can serve as a tool to help engage and retain valuable workers.


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How to Maintain Employee Appreciation Initiatives in a Virtual Environment

We understand that it can be difficult to encourage your employees and reward them adequately for their efforts in a virtual setting. While sending a chat message or email to say thank you is always appreciated, it does not always provide the same sense of belonging and comradery that comes with being in a traditional office. 

Usual activities are unable to take place, vacations are turning into staycations, and nights spent on the town are now nights spent on the couch. However, spending time at home is not all bad. Many individuals have taken this time to brush up on their baking skills, clean out that one messy closet everyone seems to have, take up a new hobby, and most importantly, spending more time with close family and relatives.


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Using Budget Control Pricing for Employee Recognition

C.A. Short is often asked the question, “Is it possible for you to give me a total cost analysis, down to the penny for our service award program?”. Most companies are shocked when our team is able to confidently answer them and say, “Yes, we can!”. 

The reason that organizations are surprised is that most employee recognition companies use what is called an “average pricing” model when designing service award programs. C.A. Short prefers to design employee recognition platforms with “budget control” pricing. Using this method means we are able to give our partners an exact number of what they can expect to spend and provide finite examples of rewards that are within their budget. In our opinion, this “average pricing” model is antiquated and, honestly, pretty deceptive.


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Benefits of Creating Employee Engagement through Change Management

Implementation of Change

Total Recognition Platforms have been shown time and time again to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and make employees genuinely feel a sense of appreciation from their organization. Announcing the adoption of a Total Recognition program to your employees should bring feelings of motivation, loyalty, and appreciation.


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5 Benefits of Implementing Years of Service Awards For Work Anniversaries

Traditions in the Corporate World

It’s possible to become so wrapped up in tradition, we can forget why we’re doing something. When that happens, we run the risk of simply “going through the motions.” Sadly, this occurs far too often when it comes to honoring employees for their loyalty and commitment.


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How to Engage & Recognize Your Manufacturing Industry


When it comes to employee recognition, leaders often inadvertently focus on the wrong things. The goal should not be to find something that has always been done, plug it in, and walk away. Every organization and organizational culture is unique, thus requiring specific employee recognition needs. Your recognition program should not only fit, but thrive in your organization's culture. 

When looking at how to develop an employee recognition program and engage your workforce, it is imperative to incorporate the three elements of employee recognition: Formal, Informal, and Day-to-Day. It’s easy to say that something won’t work for an organization simply because it has never been done before. On the contrary, reaching past “how things have always been done” can have the potential to engage and grow your employees to new heights.


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4 Tips to Engage Your Remote or Contract Workforce in 2021

For employees, March of 2020’s sudden remote transition meant navigating the waters of turning their homes into their offices, learning what Zoom fatigue really means, and what to do when their child (furry or non) "interrupts" their meeting for the third time.

According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to.

You may be asking yourself, can my employees get as much done while working from their kitchen table? And the answer is yes, but their productivity levels could be even higher than pre-pandemic levels if they are engaged.


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Employee Education & Training Trends in 2021

Proper employee education and training are essential to the continuity of business. This is not just a general notion either, but actually something shown in research. Surveys on the main reasons for high turnover rates in business indicate clearly that “little room for growth” and a lack of incentives “except at the management level” are major factors. These responses speak to the fact that if employees don’t feel properly supported in their growth, they’re likely to move on — which, in turn, makes it harder for businesses to endure.


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How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day Using Cheers for Peers

Each year on March 5, employers in the U.S. celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. It allows you to show your employees how much you value the work they do for your organization each day. There are no rules for this non-official celebratory day besides letting people know their value.

At C.A. Short, we celebrate workers on that same date. However, we focus on peer recognition through the increasingly observed Cheers for Peers Day, which has also become a nationally recognized, yet non-official professional appreciation day. Showing employee appreciation is the same for both days, but the method of doing so is somewhat different.

If you are thinking about switching over to Cheers for Peers this coming March 5, now is the time to discuss it and plan.

Here are some thoughts we want to share to get started.


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Creative Employee Awards: Ideas and Titles to Make Your Awards Ceremony Fun



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