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Getting In-depth with the Gallup Q12 Employee Surveys

The importance of keeping your employees emotionally engaged in your organization is a constant theme in our Thought Leadership blogs and more recently in our highly popular wall chart, 35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture and Increase the Bottom Line.

At C.A. Short Company, we have found ourselves often referencing Gallup’s report, “State of the American Workplace,” as it relates to the need for active employee engagement. As part of our recent informative blog series, we’ve regularly pointed to results from Gallup’s Q12 measurements from employee surveys and how they can allow for such effective solutions to be drawn up.


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition Strategies, Communciation, Gallup Q12

C.A. Short's Safety Incentive Program

When aiming to increase safety in the workplace, the solution is often not cut and dry. Your program must be well-balanced in order to thoroughly engage your employees and promote workplace safety. When administered correctly, your safety incentive program will offer many benefits and promote an increase in employee morale.


Topics: Safegagement, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Incentivized Safety Programs

10 Best Practices for Creating Years of Service Awards that Work in 2020

This article is dedicated to Buford Ellis, whose dedication and commitment to C.A. Short Company has inspired us for more than 60 years. You’ve made us better employees, better managers, and better friends. May your retirement be filled with the same love you showed all of us.

YOS awards have been a mainstay in the business world for decades. However, a rapidly changing workforce has altered how we must approach them. What worked 30, 20, or even 10 years ago is no longer enough.

That’s why C.A. Short Company is proud to share with you these 10 best practices for offering employee Years of Service awards in 2020. In this article we also share how we used these tips to recognize one of our own team members and promote employee engagement throughout our organization.


Topics: Employee Recognition, years of service awards

The Main Reasons For High Turnover Rate... and Solutions to Help

If an organization's culture produces a high turnover rate, the result is excessive recruitment and training costs. Research shows that employers spend up to 30 percent of the average employee annual salary for each turnover.

This means for every position that pays $10 an hour, it could cost around $3,000 to hire and train someone new. 


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies

OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives: Why is Workplace Safety So Important?

Most employers would agree that it’s important to be proactive when it comes to workplace safety. But, do you know why it is so important to identify, measure, and improve the most significant leading indicators, so you can prevent safety incidents before they occur? Capturing historical data, developing predictive trends and determining ROI will help to keep your employees safe and this derivative is crucial for many reasons.


Topics: OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Incentivized Safety Programs

Key Statistics for Improving Workplace Safety

Employers are faced with new challenges within the workplace everyday. Promoting a culture of safety, can not only keep employees out of harm's way, but boost productivity and engagement. The following statistics highlight workplace safety along with the benefits of engaged employees


Topics: Safety, Safegagement, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, employee safety

How To Create A Safety Incentive Program

For multiple industries, employees put themselves in life-threatening environments everyday. While workplace injuries and fatalities have decreased over the years, in 2019 OSHA reported an average 14 workplace fatalities occurred everyday. No employee goes to work thinking they will be involved in a workplace accident, however there are ways to incentivize safe behavior and encourage safe working environments. 


Topics: OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Incentivized Safety Programs

Improving Your Traditional Years of Service Program

Service award programs are meant to celebrate success, relationships, and promote recognition. However, some programs lack excitement and others may not be loved by the ones that participate in them. If your current years of service program is not engaging your employees, it’s time for a program upgrade. Discover how you can improve your years of service program from the traditional off the rack approach. 


Topics: years of service awards, years of service

10 Workplace Safety Strategies

In 2019, the number of workers injured equaled 2.8 per 100 full-time workers. Overexertion, falls and slips, and contact with equipment played a role in lost work and production days. No organization wants to have injuries, but where do you start to build a safety work culture? We’ve put together our list of 10 strategies to improve workplace safety and build a culture centered around employee health. 


Topics: Safety, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Incentivized Safety Programs, employee safety, workplace safety

Now is the Time to Reassess, Retool, & Relaunch Your Sales Incentive Programs

Historically, sales incentive & recognition programs have been treated as an afterthought instead of a strategic initiative.


Topics: sales incentives

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