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How to Create a Natural, Tribal Workplace

For my fourth and final blog in this series, C.A. Short Company asked me to discuss the single most important tip for activating an organization’s motivational engine. The engine was designed to function within a tribal setting, so creating such a setting is a MANDATORY first step for activating the engine.


Years of Service Award Programs Work in 2020 - More Than Ever


Employee Recognition: A Step-by-step Guide


Topics: people are everything, Employee Appreciation

Make 2020 The Year For Engagement and Recognition


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Health & Wellness Programs, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Employee Appreciation, years of service

Importance of Years of Service Awards

More than 80 years ago, C.A. Short Company decided that we would do things differently. At a time when employers were demanding more and more from their employees while offering them less and less, we believed there was a better way.


Topics: Total Recognition, years of service awards

Motivating Employees in the Workplace

There’s a natural ebb and flow to human motivation-- no matter how contented your employees are, and no matter how fulfilling they generally find their work to be, there will be lackluster days when key people feel a little down and the general mood of the office suffers. Knowing this ahead of time is half the battle won, though! A forward-thinking approach to compensating for the inevitable motivational lulls can keep your team from completely succumbing to the doldrums.


Years of Service Awards That Deliver Results


Topics: Employee Appreciation, Employee Awards, work anniversary, years of service, employee milestones

Administrative Professionals Day, 2020 Gift-giving Guide

The dust of the Christmas season has barely settled, but it’s already time to start thinking about gift-giving again! Administrative Professionals Day (once known as Secretary Day) is moving in fast. This year’s date is Wednesday, April 22nd-- right around the corner! Are you ready for it? Do you have a list of gift ideas, or plans for otherwise recognizing the people that keep the gears moving smoothly in your organization? Let’s assume that you don’t need to be convinced that your secretaries, assistants, clerks, aides, and all-around office miracle workers deserve to be recognized and feted royally, and just jump right in with some ideas!


Topics: years of service, experiential rewards

Employee Engagement: Should Millennials Be Included In Succession Planning?

It’s an exciting and dynamic time in the world of business. There’s a generational hand-off occurring in the workplace, as more and more Boomers retire, Gen X moves into leadership roles (51%), and (by 2025) Millennials pass the seventy-five-percent-of-the-workforce mark. With this inevitable movement comes a tectonic shift in the fundamentals of workplace expectations, and the desires and goals of modern employees. Managers and business owners who want to lead in their industries must ride the wave of these changes. To be successful in this rapidly changing world, you have to be out in front, leading the way, in the areas that matter.


It’s Time to Scrap “Scientific Management” and Replace it with NATURAL Management

In my last blog article I described a flawed system of management called “scientific management” that is harmful to everyone involved: shareholders, executives, managers, employees, customers, and society as a whole.


Topics: years of service, experiential rewards, sales incentives

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