Implementing Service & Performance Awards

Maximize the Impact. Control the Budget. Improve Satisfaction.

C.A. Short Company’s Service Award Program is designed to give authentic appreciation to your dedicated and hard working employees who have stayed loyal to your company over the years. With a wide variety of lifestyles represented in today’s diversity-rich workplace, it’s a challenge to select one gift that will be appreciated by all your people. Our Service Award Programs help you celebrate individuality by providing more options for you and your employees.

Our Service Award Program is based on the 5 Elements of Recognition that are foundational to employee satisfaction:

The 5 Elements of Recognition

Human Interaction, Peer Recognition, Useful and Desirable Awards, Family Involvement, Immediate Gratification

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With C.A. Short Company and the 5 Elements of Recognition, we will reduce your overall employee recognition costs, increase employee engagement, and allow you to gain peace of mind.

C.A. Short Company's Service Award Programs are uniquely customized to our organization and your employees. Our Certified Recognition Professionals will design a service award program that your employees will appreciate and remember for years to come. On top of that, with our Guaranteed Budget Controlled Pricing, we guarantee you will never go over-budget. Check out our Budget Controlled Pricing Method to see how we can help you whatever your budget needs! 

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